• Building skills at home

    Pi-Shen Seet     |      October 30, 2021

    Rather than poach skilled migrants from abroad, Australia should address skills shortages by training more people at home.

  • VET overhaul could create a training system for all

    Open Forum     |      March 19, 2021

    COVID-19 halted the importation of skilled labour from abroad, forcing government and business leaders to think about developing homegrown talent.

  • Skills for the future

    Tim Harcourt     |      July 21, 2020

    The new JobTrainer program should give school leavers the experience, confidence and aptitude necessary for economic recovery post-coronavirus.

  • One billion hours of time

    Emil Temnyalov     |      April 15, 2020

    If the economy has shed the equivalent of one million jobs, then we’ve gained about one billion hours of available time, so how can we use it productively?

  • Employer training is the key to competitiveness

    Brad Howarth     |      February 10, 2020

    Employers are realising that upskilling their existing employees is a better bet for long term survival in fast-changing markets than relying on the government or hoping the market will magically produce suitably trained personnel.

  • How lifelong learning can help people adapt to workplace change

    Open Forum     |      January 8, 2020

    Benedikte Jensen, First Assistant Secretary of the Department of Employment and Skills, delivered a keynote address at GAP’s 10th Annual Economic Summit which outlined a range of federal measures to support worker retraining.

  • Narrow VET training sells students short

    Andrew Trounson     |      July 1, 2019

    The crisis in Australia’s training sector means TAFEs need to develop their own courses tailored to an unpredictable future.