• American Psycho

    Andrea Kendall-Taylor     |      February 1, 2024

    Donald Trump seems certain to secure nomination as the Republican candidate for the 2024 Presidential election, because rather than despite his crude attempts to overthrow the result of the last election and his manifest contempt for democratic norms and legal procedure.

  • Typhoon Trump

    Emma Shortis     |      January 17, 2024

    Republicans in Iowa have overwhelmingly backed Donald Trump for the 2024 nomination, perhaps because – rather than despite – Trump’s contempt for democracy and American political norms.

  • Is Trump a Republican?

    Karyn Amira     |      October 5, 2023

    The insanity inflicted by Donald Trump on American political life is not over, with Trump still a contender for the Presidency despite supporting Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and attempting a coup to remain in power last time around, but Trump remains very much an outlier in Republican history, rather than the mainstream.

  • Mug shot

    Jonathan Finn     |      September 3, 2023

    Disgraced former President Donald Trump’s mug shot has become a popular meme, although it’s unlikely to sway the hardened views of his most ardent proponents and detractors regarding his attempt to overthrow American democracy.

  • Why does Trump want civil war?

    Jason Opal     |      August 5, 2023

    The indictment of former United States president Donald Trump on charges he tried to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election is the most serious test of America’s experiment in constitutional government since December 1860, when the state of South Carolina seceded from the Union and set in motion the events leading to the Civil War.

  • Teflon Trump

    Jérôme Viala-Gaudefroy     |      June 17, 2023

    Donald Trump will be remembered as a vacuous, corrupt, greedy egotist who tried and failed to stage a coup to cling to power, so what explains his enduring appeal to large swathes of Republican voters?

  • The return of Donald Trump

    Paul Kenny     |      May 24, 2023

    It seems astonishing that Donald Trump, the man who tried to overthrow American democracy, is once again a contender for the Presidency, but his support among the white working class remains as strong as ever.

  • Is time up for Trump?

    Emma Shortis     |      April 3, 2023

    Donald Trump fired up a mob to try to overthrow democracy when he lost the 2020 election and he looks set to use similar tactics to try to escape prosecution for misrepresenting cover-up payments to a porn star.

  • The fall of King Trump

    Shannon Bow O'Brien     |      April 1, 2023

    A more pathetic crime would be hard to envision for a man who once tried to overthrow American democracy by force, but would-be American Czar Donald Trump will face justice over his pay offs to a porn star and is not the first American President to reap the consequences of overstepping his position.

  • President Treason

    Margaret Russell     |      December 20, 2022

    The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol has found that Donald Trump tried to overthrow democracy and retain power after losing an election through intimidation, lies and bluster and recommends criminal charges be brought against him.

  • Trump v the Republican Party

    Henry Heritage     |      June 20, 2022

    The midterm Republican primaries are showcasing the battle between Trump-loyalists and traditional Republican conservatives. It’s our first electoral insight into the aftermath of the Trump Presidency.

  • Arvanitakis on American politics: How Trump may have saved democracy

    James Arvanitakis     |      March 27, 2021

    Former President Trump’s assault on evidence based policy, international organisations and democracy itself may actually serve to strengthen these institutions in the future.