• How Ukraine keeps the lights on

    Dmitriy Sergeyev     |      November 29, 2022

    Putin’s troops invaded Ukraine to steal its resources and wipe it from the map, but like its brave soldiers, Ukraine’s economy has remained remarkably resilient in the face of murderous Russian terror attacks on its people and civilian infrastructure.

  • Rave reconstruction

    Clare Cooper     |      November 17, 2022

    The good humour and resilience of the brave Ukrainians rebuilding their country stands in stark contrast to the grim brutality of their barbarous invaders.

  • No safe harbour for Russia

    Alessio Patalano     |      November 15, 2022

    Ukrainian surface and air drones conducted a daring raid on the occupied Crimean port of Sevastopol last week, where Russia’s dwindling Black Sea Fleet is based.

  • Putin limps away from Kherson

    Matthew Sussex     |      November 12, 2022

    Russia’s humiliating retreat from Kherson – the only regional capital it ever captured in nine months of war – is yet another body blow for Vladimir Putin.

  • Russia’s terror bombing won’t break Ukraine

    Tim Luckhurst     |      November 5, 2022

    Sergey Surovikin, the Russian general put in charge of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, has a well-deserved reputation for inhuman savagery, but history suggests his terrorist attacks on Ukraine’s civilians will only harden Ukraine’s will to resist the barbarians at the gate.

  • Fracturing Russia could collapse

    Open Forum     |      November 1, 2022

    Putin’s gamble to eradicate Ukraine and humiliate the west has backfired spectacularly, calling into question the future of Russia itself.

  • The end of the affair

    Nicholas James     |      October 31, 2022

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine seemed certain to end in victory when it began, but Ukraine’s resistance soon bogged down the Russian advance, and final victory for Ukraine now seems ever more likely.

  • #Russiaislosing

    Ronald Suny     |      October 29, 2022

    Max Kellerman, of HBO’s much missed boxing commentary team, used to talk about a fighter winning the story of the fight, and when it comes to Ukraine, that’s President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy.

  • General Winter won’t save Russia this time

    Frank Ledwidge     |      October 28, 2022

    The onset of winter saved Russia from Napoleon and Hitler, but the onset of winter will only further bog down Russia’s botched and rapidly unraveling invasion of Ukraine.

  • Get out

    Matthew Sussex     |      October 18, 2022

    Russia’s military position in Ukraine is looking hopeless so how will Vladimir Putin worm its way out?

  • Mum, I don’t want war

    Brendan Nicholson     |      October 15, 2022

    Vladimir Putin and his army of thugs have gone out of their way to terrorise, target and kidnap Ukrainian children, and a new art exhibition shows the mental toll on their victims.

  • A despicable act by a desperate man

    Frank Ledwidge     |      October 14, 2022

    If you wanted an indication of how badly Russia’s war is going and how much pressure Vladimir Putin is under, then the missile attacks on Kyiv and Ukraine’s major cities over the last day or two are as good as any.