• The deep roots of Ukraine’s foreign legion

    Joshua Holzer     |      June 26, 2022

    In sharp contrast to the vapid equivocation of the West’s political leaders, thousands of volunteers from around the globe have flocked to Ukraine to fight on the front lines against Russia’s savage invaders.

  • Russia’s demonisation of Ukrainians abroad

    Vic Satzewich     |      June 25, 2022

    Russia’s defamation and dismissal of Ukrainians abroad protesting its appalling invasion of their country continue its long history of slandering those who opposed or escaped the dark shadow it casts over their country.

  • Will Belarus enter Russia’s war on Ukraine?

    Stefan Wolff     |      June 25, 2022

    Vladimir Putin may increase the pressure on Belarus, already a client state of Russia, to attack Ukraine’s northern border as the West continues to sit on its hands and leave Ukraine to fight for its freedom alone.

  • Putin waits for the West to get bored

    Matthew Sussex     |      June 24, 2022

    The West is growing weary of Russia’s war in Ukraine, despite leaving Ukraine to do all the fighting, and Vladimir Putin is counting on the free world’s short attention span and lack of moral fibre to grind his way to European domination.

  • Zelenskyy wins the war of words

    Anil Menon     |      June 20, 2022

    Ukraine’s inspirational leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy has used skillful oratory to link his nation’s current fight for freedom with past battles fought by allies around the world.

  • Russia’s rape of Ukraine

    Casey Jewell     |      June 18, 2022

    Just as Soviet soldiers raped millions of German women at the end of World War Two to assert their dominance, so Russian soldiers have indulged in mass rape across Ukraine while Putin’s military machine has raped the country.

  • The last gasp of imperial Russia

    William Partlett     |      June 17, 2022

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a last, clumsy, self-defeating attempt to assert its control over people who want to be free from Moscow’s dark shadow.

  • Popular resistance in occupied Ukraine

    Christopher Morris     |      June 15, 2022

    Russia has paid a heavy price to occupy parts of Eastern Ukraine, and popular resistance from Ukrainians trapped under its rule is likely to ensure an uncomfortable stay for the invading Russian forces.

  • Put the squeeze on Moscow, not Ukraine

    Tatyana Malyarenko     |      June 12, 2022

    The West must redouble its pressure on Moscow to end its invasion of Ukraine, rather than urge Ukraine to make concessions if a permanent peace is to be found.

  • The global costs of Putin’s war

    Ben Stevens     |      June 11, 2022

    Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has devastated the global economy as well as millions of lives, but also underlines the false economy of under-investing in defence when menaced by murdering tyrants like Russia’s brutal dictator.

  • Making Russia pay for Ukraine

    Robert Wihtol     |      June 4, 2022

    Three months into its three day war, Russia still struggles to secure its grip on Eastern Ukraine, but the death and devastation it has brought to the country cannot be denied and must be paid for.

  • The hundred day war

    Jonathan Este     |      June 3, 2022

    A hundred days into Russia’s three day ‘special military operation’ its meagre gains in the Donbas region are coming at the cost of a terrible butcher’s bill on both sides.