• Should business encourage vaccinations?

    Kate Bettes     |      September 20, 2021

    As Australia edges closer to the vaccination targets required to open the economy and international borders, big businesses have been stepping up but is it their role to do so?

  • Teens need the COVID-19 jab for herd immunity

    Open Forum     |      September 7, 2021

    James Cook University scientists have developed a new model to track the COVID-19 pandemic – and it’s telling them Australia should now prioritise delivering the Pfizer vaccine to 12-40 year-olds.

  • More vaccinations means more jobs

    Richard Holden     |      March 27, 2021

    Australia weathered the pandemic well, but a greater sense of urgency is required to vaccinate the population and get the economy going again.

  • Israel shows the way on vaccinations

    Richard Holden     |      March 22, 2021

    It’s not too late for Australia to repair our vaccine strategy, though we will never make up for the months lost.

  • Jabs are the key to victory

    Open Forum     |      January 31, 2021

    COVID vaccinations are in the news, but this shouldn’t overshadow the importance of existing vaccinations to diseases such as measles in reducing child mortality, particularly in the developing world.

  • We need a Federal push on vaccinations

    John Hancocks     |      December 31, 2020

    The COVID outbreak in NSW, the emergence of a more virulent strain in Britain and a new wave of infections in the USA and Europe should provoke a greater sense of urgency in the Federal Government to vaccinate Australians as quickly as possible.