We need a Federal push on vaccinations

| December 31, 2020
While it is perfectly true that Australia (so far the lucky country) has not experienced the ravages of COVID inflicted elsewhere, it is also true that this can probably be attributed in large part to luck and to geography  –  oh yes, and the assiduous efforts of various health agencies and individuals, these of course must be acknowledged.
However, rather than being lured into any complacency I have noted the continuing COVID outbreaks here in Australia and can’t help the feeling that eventually, one or more of these will get out of hand.   It wouldn’t take much for that to happen, would it – just think about it carefully – and we seem to have a new and enhanced extra transmissible strain on the doorstep?
With that thought in mind I am bewildered by our government’s laid back approach to a vaccine roll-out, do they realise that they could be playing with fire?  Another thought, for every life lost through delay, do they bear a responsibility, will they accept it?
This country is noted for its easy going approach to crises but perhaps here they are pushing things a bit too far.  I heard the Health Minister say that Australian roll out of a vaccine was being held back to ensure that everything would go ahead smoothly and only after rigorous testing and certification.
That sounds great but why exactly are we having to wait until March when this stuff has already been tested over and over, on millions of people by other administrations? Perhaps there is another reason, safety and due caution aside – is it because of error on someone’s part that no vaccines are available to Australians until March?  Is it a matter of supply, were adequate stocks purchased and in a timely manner?
I note that disturbingly perhaps the P.M appears to have absented himself from discussion of these matters, State Premiers meanwhile wrestle with band aid remedies with varying degrees of success.
Now, I call on someone among our elected leadership to take urgent action, do we want to emulate the disasters so pitifully manifest elsewhere or will we take the simple precaution of immunising our population before the flames engulf? Any of you game to accept responsibility?