• A foot in both camps

    Dawn Lo     |      November 12, 2019

    From an initial interest in optometry to managing a start-up to joining one of the world’s biggest tech giant – UNSW Business School alumna Jenny Chu has tried it all in the pursuit of a fulfilling career.

  • The ethics of the 4 day work week

    Nicholas Smith     |      November 4, 2019

    There’s much to be said for the campaign to reduce weekly working hours but the ethics are more complex than often assumed.

  • Working relationships beat team building exercises

    Petr Matous     |      September 30, 2019

    The key to an effective team-building strategy in the workplace is understanding that a team is really a social network built on connections between individuals.

  • Physical jobs take their toll in retirement

    Open Forum     |      June 15, 2019

    Men and women who have physically demanding jobs may experience poorer mental and physical health if they delay their retirement, new research led by Curtin University has found.

  • Mindfulness makes you a better workmate

    Open Forum     |      June 10, 2019

    Breathe and be present – new research backs the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace.

  • Is it OK to hire friends at work? It’s maybe not as simple as you’d think

    Ibrar Khan     |      May 5, 2019

    How people react to someone hiring a personal acquaintance depends on their cultural background and where they are in the world, according to UNSW’s Josh Keller.

  • Having a hobby can help you at work

    Open Forum     |      February 13, 2019

    Employees who enjoy sporting, learning and volunteering activities outside work are more likely to get a better night’s sleep and be more proactive in their job, according to Curtin University researchers.

  • The power of parity: Australia’s progress on gender equality

    Virginia Haussegger     |      May 6, 2018

    Australia ranks well in terms of gender equality in the Asia-Pacific, however progress on key indicators such as gender wage gaps and women’s political representation has stagnated in recent years. Shifts in attitudes towards gender are required to unlock the full potential of women in society.