• How to help your child love playing music

    Open Forum     |      August 7, 2018

    Nagging or bribing a child to practise their musical instrument only makes the activity feel like a chore. Here’s how to support your child and bring back harmony to the whole family.

  • Teaching your child to cope

    Erica Frydenberg     |      August 4, 2018

    Children are not immune to the stresses and pressures of modern life but coping skills to improve their ability to cope can be encouraged by their parents and teachers. With depression rates on the rise among young people, learning them is more important than ever.

  • International students are good for Australia

    Laurie Pearcey     |      August 2, 2018

    Calls for a cap on international students are unfounded and put at risk a major driver of Australia’s prosperity, potentially leading to the demise of a colossus which, indeed, we might never see again.

  • Physical activity at school helps the mind as well as the body

    Brendon Hyndman     |      July 27, 2018

    The evidence is in. Compulsory sport and physical education at school improves children’s memory, attention and ability to concentrate, as well as boosting their fitness.

  • Prison job programs help ex-convicts stay out of trouble

    Open Forum     |      June 9, 2018

    New research shows that vocation and education training in prison can play an important role in reducing rates of recidivism when offenders are released back into the community.

  • How Australia got so many law schools

    Gwilym Croucher     |      June 5, 2018

    Law is cheap to teach and promises high career rewards, but Australia’s boom in law schools after policy changes in the 1980s left too many students chasing too few careers.

  • Lab coats help students see themselves as future scientists

    Megan Ennes     |      June 4, 2018

    Australian educators have tried, and largely failed, to encourage more students to study STEM subjects. Could a simple step like giving students lab coats in classes encourage more young people to pursue careers in science?

  • Almost a third of Australian children suffer disadvantage

    Open Forum     |      June 3, 2018

    Almost a third of Australian children experience some form of disadvantage that can have a lasting impact on their development, a new study of more than 5,000 children has found.

  • What should parents expect from early childhood education?

    Wendy Boyd     |      May 25, 2018

    Parents often worry about their young child’s development, but what are the milestones which they, and the childcare facilities they may attend, should aim for?

  • Gonski review calls for a fresh approach to improve Australia’s schools

    Michelle Grattan     |      May 1, 2018

    The newly published Gonski review attacks the quality of current Australian schooling and urges a more dynamic and individualised teaching approach to ensure our children reach their full potential.

  • Understanding university drop-out rates

    Open Forum     |      April 30, 2018

    More than 50,000 students who started university in Australia this year will drop out, according to a new Grattan Institute report. However not every incomplete degree should be seen as a waste of time and money.

  • The problem with staffing rural schools

    Daniela Acquaro     |      April 26, 2018

    Attracting new teachers to country schools remains one of the biggest challenges in Australian education and encouraging student teachers to complete placements in rural schools as a way to address the chronic shortage of teachers in the bush isn’t working.