• The heat is on

    Open Forum     |      August 21, 2021

    A two-part series on heat and health published in The Lancet warns that heat-related morbidity and mortality will likely increase without investment in evidence-based research and risk-management strategies.

  • Meet the electric Kombi

    Open Forum     |      August 20, 2021

    Southern Cross University has unveiled one of Australia’s most ambitious electric vehicle prototypes – a long-range converted Volkswagen Kombi.

  • Health in our own hands

    Open Forum     |      August 20, 2021

    Despite the current COVID pandemic, the overall health of Australians continues to improve, but a new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows further gains could be achieved by changes in lifestyle.

  • Harnessing research for better health

    Open Forum     |      August 19, 2021

    The Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences is conducting a project to improve healthcare for Australians by better enabling research to be conducted within the health system.

  • Debunking scientist stereotypes

    Open Forum     |      August 19, 2021

    Students at UNSW are trying to debunk problematic stereotypes of their chosen profession during National Science Week.

  • 3 keys to healthy ageing

    Open Forum     |      August 17, 2021

    A spot of sunshine, a love of nature, and a desire to make a difference – it’s a simple combination, but together, these three elements could be key to improving physical activity, health, and wellbeing of older Australians.

  • Vaccine passports v mandatory jabs

    Open Forum     |      August 15, 2021

    As the nation proceeds – but still at an agonisingly slow pace – towards the targets of having 70% and 80% of those 16 and over fully vaccinated, the next big debate is about making the jab compulsory in workplaces.

  • Physical activity is critical for children’s quality of life

    Open Forum     |      August 14, 2021

    Increasing the daily level of physical activity could be the easiest ‘win’ for parents to improve their child’s wellbeing, benefiting adolescents and children from low-income families most.

  • The art of curation

    Open Forum     |      August 14, 2021

    There is more to curating an exhibition than meets the eye.

  • Aussies back science as a critical part of society

    Open Forum     |      August 13, 2021

    While a small minority of science deniers make waves on social media, most people in Australia and the western world continue to have faith in science and value its role in society.

  • Big fish thrive in protected oceans

    Open Forum     |      August 11, 2021

    Big fish are harder to find in areas sprawling with human activity, unless you’re looking in no-take marine reserves, according to a new study led by marine scientists at The University of Western Australia.

  • Public servants shy from blowing the whistle

    Open Forum     |      August 10, 2021

    A researcher from The University of Western Australia has found government employees are most likely to stay silent despite witnessing workplace corruption in the Australian Public Service.