• Bushfires could change where and how we live

    Open Forum     |      February 26, 2021

    Climate change-driven extreme weather events, including devastating Australian bushfires, have created the urgent need for a new approach to planning and building in high fire risk areas and a shift to climate-resilient towns and cities.

  • Forced fun is no fun at all

    Open Forum     |      February 26, 2021

    Zoom dress up parties, tug-of-war, ‘trust falls’ and escape rooms – team building exercises have become the go-to tool for managers trying to increase organisational and team rapport and productivity, but many employees resent compulsory bonding and regard these exercises as the bane of their workplace existence.

  • Night owls don’t give a hoot at work

    Open Forum     |      February 25, 2021

    ‘Night owls’ may be twice as likely as ‘morning larks’ to underperform at work, say Finnish researchers, and additionally run a heightened risk of early retirement due to disability.

  • Resilience – To be or not to be

    Open Forum     |      February 23, 2021

    To strengthen our resilience on a global national and individual levels, we should all join forces and work together but leadership will be required to translate this vision into reality.

  • 10 lessons from the COVID crisis

    Open Forum     |      February 23, 2021

    Australia ranked eighth in the world ‘s Top 10 countries to manage their COVID-19 response well, with New Zealand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Cyprus, Rwanda and Iceland leading the way in an in-depth study by international experts.

  • COVID helped restore our faith in government and each other

    Open Forum     |      February 21, 2021

    A new survey of public trust and cohesion finds the pandemic has brought us together, rather than driving us apart.

  • QUT researchers celebrate Mars touchdown

    Open Forum     |      February 20, 2021

    QUT researchers are now ready to play their part in NASA’s search for signs of ancient life of Mars with the successful touchdown of the Mars Perseverance Rover.

  • Innovation brings higher profits and stock returns

    Open Forum     |      February 18, 2021

    A large-scale study has found more innovative Australian companies post higher future profits and stock returns. The findings highlight the significant financial benefits of innovation for companies, which in turn supports job creation and economic growth.

  • An eye for the future of health

    Open Forum     |      February 15, 2021

    The use of artificial intelligence in ophthalmology is advancing in leaps and bounds, and this could pave the way for other fields of medicine, according to Australian and international authors.

  • Saving democracy in Burma

    Open Forum     |      February 12, 2021

    Academics from UNSW Sydney have joined international colleagues in condemning this month’s military coup in Myanmar, saying the justifications for the action are not supported by events or the constitution.

  • They go up so fast

    Open Forum     |      February 11, 2021

    South Australian nanosatellite company Fleet Space Technologies is heading back into space, with the launch of their fifth nanosatellite Centauri 3 next month, aboard Rocket Lab’s They Go Up So Fast mission.

  • Sleep keeps teens on track for good mental health

    Open Forum     |      February 11, 2021

    As families settle back into a new school year, sleep experts at the University of South Australia are reminding parents about the importance of teenagers getting enough sleep, cautioning them that insufficient sleep can negatively affect their mental health.