• Aiming higher in space

    Open Forum     |      December 2, 2020

    Expanding Australia’s international collaboration in space should be seen as an important element of our soft power and a means to contribute public goods that promote international cooperation in space.

  • Tackling vaccine ‘hesitancy’

    Open Forum     |      November 30, 2020

    UniSA researchers are evaluating a new vaccination education initiative – the COVID-19 Peer Hub – to help immunisation and public health professionals to tackle the emerging dangers of vaccine hesitancy amid the pandemic.

  • Helping disadvantage kids learn after COVID

    Open Forum     |      November 27, 2020

    COVID-19 has exposed fault lines in the education system for already disadvantaged students who are more likely to be severely impacted by the pandemic.

  • School anti-bullying schemes can do more harm than good

    Open Forum     |      November 24, 2020

    International research into the effectiveness of school bullying prevention programs shows that a high proportion of programs either do not reduce bullying or can even increase it.

  • Successful leaders are ‘one of us’

    Open Forum     |      November 24, 2020

    A successful leader is one who creates a shared sense of unity and identity in the groups they lead, according to University of Queensland research.

  • Why Australian businesses miss out on innovation

    Open Forum     |      November 23, 2020

    A new report from Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has found that while Australian investment in science and technology for disease preparedness has driven a strong response to COVID-19, there are still fundamental barriers to innovation adoption.

  • Put down your phone and go to sleep

    Open Forum     |      November 16, 2020

    Analysis of data from the UK Biobank, involving almost 85,000 people, has found that lifestyle factors such as less screen time, adequate sleep, a better-quality diet, and physical activity can help fight depression.

  • The bee’s knees for pollinators

    Open Forum     |      November 10, 2020

    Researcher at Western Sydney University looking into flowering plant pollination have shown that native bees and exotic European honeybees can support plant pollination together, with different crops and plants attracting different varieties of insect pollinators.

  • Beware cost hikes in megaprojects

    Open Forum     |      November 9, 2020

    A Grattan Institute report released today finds Australian governments spent A$34 billion, or 21%, more on transport projects completed since 2001 than they first told taxpayers they would. And as we enter the era of megaprojects in Australia, costs continue to blow out.

  • How to keep the lights on in democracies

    Open Forum     |      November 5, 2020

    We need to work together to find ways to keep the light of democracy shining in our countries and all over the world. Because if we don’t, we will indeed face dark days ahead.

  • Minimising ‘mathemaphobia’

    Open Forum     |      November 4, 2020

    Maths – it’s the subject some kids love to hate, yet despite its lack of popularity, mathematics is critical for a STEM-capable workforce and vital for Australia’s current and future productivity. Now, researchers exploring the impact of anxiety on learning maths have found that boosting student confidence is pivotal to greater engagement with the subject.

  • The last winter of the Weimar Republic

    Open Forum     |      October 31, 2020

    “The gravediggers” is eloquent testimony to the collapse of Weimar Germany and what became inevitable when those charged with the custody of the German state failed to stand up to Adolf Hitler.