• Paper-thin touch screens are on their way

    Open Forum     |      January 27, 2020

    Researchers have developed an ultra-thin and ultra-flexible electronic material that could be printed and rolled out like newspaper, for the touchscreens of the future.

  • Volunteers and good science must partner for bushland recovery

    Open Forum     |      January 27, 2020

    University of South Australia ecologist Joan Gibbs describes the day that fires devastated her 70 acre property at Cudlee Creek. One month on, it is already showing signs of recovery.

  • Back to school means back to bedtimes

    Open Forum     |      January 25, 2020

    Amid the back-to-school dash for backpacks, books and last-minute haircuts, children’s sleep routines must also be high on the agenda if parents want to start the year on the right foot.

  • Solving the genomic jigsaw puzzle of health

    Open Forum     |      January 24, 2020

    A DNA database of thousands of healthy older Australians is set to change how we determine which genes may underpin a range of chronic and acute diseases.

  • Did an Australian asteroid impact end the Earth’s big thaw?

    Open Forum     |      January 23, 2020

    Curtin University scientists have discovered that an asteroid strike at Yarrabubba, in outback Western Australia coincided with the end of a global deep freeze known as a Snowball Earth 2.2 billion years ago.

  • Rethinking interactions with mental health patients

    Open Forum     |      January 21, 2020

    New research overturns the belief that people with severe mental illness are incapable of effective communication with their psychiatrist, and are able to work together with them to achieve better outcomes for themselves.

  • Avoiding the “insect apocalypse”

    Open Forum     |      January 21, 2020

    Claims last year that we were in the midst of an ‘insect apocalypse’ may have been overblown, but international researchers – including some from New Zealand and Australia – say there is still cause for concern.

  • Out of the ashes

    Open Forum     |      January 18, 2020

    Rather than an untidy mess, fire-damaged trees and half burnt logs left behind by a fire are valuable habitat for recovering wildlife, according to a group of leading Australian environmental scientists.

  • UniSA expert calls for ‘fire-line’ to future-proof against bushfire disaster

    Open Forum     |      January 17, 2020

    UniSA sustainability expert, Dr Sukhbir Sandhu, is calling for Australia to consider drawing a bushfire demarcation line to identify high-risk areas unsuitable for human habitation.

  • Appealing to duty may encourage organ donation

    Open Forum     |      January 16, 2020

    The shortage of blood and organ donors could be eased by appealing to people’s sense of duty to others, rather than advertising ‘the gift of life’ according to QUT researchers.

  • The fires expose celebrity faultlines

    Open Forum     |      January 15, 2020

    The connection of the bushfire disaster with climate change is also increasing scrutiny of celebrities and their endorsements.

  • Take food industry promises with a large pinch of salt

    Open Forum     |      January 14, 2020

    Major Australian food manufacturers are failing to deliver on voluntary commitments to make healthier products when it comes to salt, according to a new study of salt levels in foods on our supermarket shelves.