• Calm your farm

    Open Forum     |      November 28, 2023

    Every teenager living in a rural area has a gruesome story about a farm injury so several universities have joined forces to create a free, online, educational game called ‘Calm Your Farm’ to help teenagers learn about potential hazards and find ways to reduce the risk.

  • The keyless key to cyber-security

    Open Forum     |      November 22, 2023

    A cutting-edge collaboration between tech startup Tide Foundation and RMIT University is translating ground-breaking research into homegrown cybersecurity capability.

  • The great energy rip-off

    Open Forum     |      November 22, 2023

    Australia’s sky-high electricity prices are often blamed on the gradual switch to renewables or global inflationary pressures but the fact remains that network businesses have pocketed supernormal profits of $11 billion – on top of “normal” profits of $16 billion – since 2014.

  • The heat is on

    Open Forum     |      November 21, 2023

    The latest annual Emissions Gap Report from the UNEP has found the world is heading for 2.5-2.9°C temperature rise above pre-industrial levels unless countries step-up action and deliver more than promised in their 2030 pledges under the Paris Agreement.

  • People have the power

    Open Forum     |      November 21, 2023

    Despite the importance of new technology, people remain at the heart of Australia’s armed forces.

  • Researching the researchers

    Open Forum     |      November 20, 2023

    Research plays a pivotal role in society. Through research, we gain new understandings, test theories and make discoveries, but how do we know if individual research projects being conducted in Australia are good quality?

  • The word for world is forest

    Open Forum     |      November 19, 2023

    The importance of protecting the Earth’s remaining forests and planting more trees has been underlined by a new report on the phenomenal ability of plants to pull carbon from the atmosphere.

  • New tool helps Vanuatu face up to climate change

    Open Forum     |      November 18, 2023

    The Climate Futures Portal will help people in Vanuatu integrate climate information into long-term sector planning, policies and design guides, and strengthen their nation’s climate resilience.

  • Greenwashing corporate emissions

    Open Forum     |      November 17, 2023

    A new study estimates most corporations are not reporting the full scope of their carbon footprint with many claiming to be ‘green’ despite a lack of reporting on indirect, upstream and downstream emissions.

  • Disagreeing where we must

    Open Forum     |      November 16, 2023

    Australia and China are looking to improve their diplomatic and economic relations after China’s failed attempts to bully Australia into submission, but this shouldn’t stop Australia emphasising its support for Taiwan.

  • Not such glorious food

    Open Forum     |      November 15, 2023

    A new study highlights the aggressive marketing of junk food to children by a cabal of major food manufacturers and calls for great restrictions to protect children from unhealthy products.

  • Net zero won’t mean no warming

    Open Forum     |      November 15, 2023

    The UN Climate Panel’s latest best estimate is that global warming will end once we reach net zero CO2 emissions – but a study in Frontiers in Science warns significant warming could still occur.