• No middle way in the Middle East

    Alex Bristow     |      November 8, 2023

    The current horrors in the Middle East were precipitated by a terrorist attack whose vicious cruelty explains why Israel fights so hard to survive – if it ever lost a war, the Israelis would lose everything, including their lives.

  • Stand with Israel

    Alex Bristow     |      October 10, 2023

    Australia cannot sit on the fence in the wake of Hamas’ terror attack and should support Israel’s determined efforts to destroy Hamas in Gaza.

  • Reshaping the ADF to meet Australia’s strategic challenges

    Alex Bristow     |      April 29, 2023

    The Defence Review offers a clear vision of the future we want, and making sure we can protect our way of life and make our own decisions, rather than having our fate determined by others.

  • AUKUS submarines strengthen Australian sovereignty

    Alex Bristow     |      March 14, 2023

    In a world becoming ever more interconnected, national security rests on an interpretation of sovereignty that embraces international partnerships, with trusted and reliable partners, especially the US alliance.

  • Building bridges

    Alex Bristow     |      February 1, 2023

    Foreign Minister Penny Wong and Defence Minister Richard Marles will travel to Europe for separate ‘2+2’ meetings with their French and British counterparts this week.

  • Tanks can’t crush the human spirit

    Alex Bristow     |      June 5, 2022

    This weekend marks 100 days since Russia invaded Ukraine and 33 years since the Chinese Army massacred students in Tiananmen Square but, wherever they roll, the tanks of authoritarian states can never crush people’s desire for democracy.