• Plastic litter is a beach

    Diane Nazaroff     |      October 19, 2021

    Ten years of citizen science data has informed a UNSW study which found plastic dominates the rubbish found on Australian beaches.

  • Reefer madness

    Diane Nazaroff     |      October 11, 2021

    Artificial reefs are helping the East Australian Current deliver a conveyor belt of food to a ‘wall of mouths’ of baitfish, with benefits for recreational fishers as well as the environment. Now UNSW scientists have uncovered why artificial reefs attract more small foraging fish than natural reefs.

  • Public health v personal liberty

    Diane Nazaroff     |      September 4, 2021

    The COVID restrictions governments have put in place to contain the pandemic may safeguard our health but they could also corrode public trust and even the stability of liberal democracies.

  • What is Delta doing to our mental health?

    Diane Nazaroff     |      August 26, 2021

    A UNSW expert on post-traumatic stress and anxiety explains why this year’s lockdown is affecting everyone – and especially vulnerable groups – differently.

  • The biochar solution

    Diane Nazaroff     |      August 5, 2021

    Biochar – a stable, carbon–rich form of charcoal – can boost crop yields in poor soils, retain water and help ameliorate the effects of climate change, so why aren’t we using it more?

  • A voyage through our changing ocean

    Diane Nazaroff     |      June 23, 2021

    Scientists have studied the impacts of a warmer, stronger East Australian Current on marine life during a voyage along the east coast.

  • Carpe diem

    Diane Nazaroff     |      June 4, 2021

    The recent one in 100 flood event may deal a blow to European carp eradication efforts in the Murray-Darling basin.

  • May cause side effects

    Diane Nazaroff     |      June 2, 2021

    A UNSW researcher says a positive social media campaign could help to counter misinformation and fears about COVID vaccine side effects and boost vaccination uptake.

  • Can positive psychology change the world?

    Diane Nazaroff     |      May 3, 2021

    An open mind, an open heart and clear thinking are three core capabilities that underlie wise action and can help people and groups change the world for the better.

  • After Earth Day

    Diane Nazaroff     |      April 24, 2021

    Here are five UNSW Science projects that budding citizen scientists can help out with – and you don’t need any particular scientific knowledge or camera skills to make a valuable contribution.

  • Diving into the past

    Diane Nazaroff     |      April 17, 2021

    Divers in Sydney and the NSW North Coast are being asked to contribute their old and new diving photos, videos, observations and knowledge to a new UNSW Sydney research project.

  • Misogynistic tweets correlate with violence against women

    Diane Nazaroff     |      April 8, 2021

    Places where there is a lot of misogynistic tweeting going on are likely to have a lot of domestic violence as well, a study by UNSW has found.