• Invest the fiscal stimulus to fight climate change

    ANU Editorial Board     |      March 24, 2020

    With economies in free-fall, all governments, including Australia’s, are on the hunt for opportunities to stimulate their economies while, ideally, addressing long-term challenges. Action on climate change provides a raft of opportunities to do both.

  • Regional leadership and responses to the coronavirus

    ANU Editorial Board     |      March 14, 2020

    Greater communication and coordination between all countries is needed until the scientific community develops a vaccine to halt the spread of the new coronavirus.

  • Australia – The hapless country?

    ANU Editorial Board     |      January 13, 2020

    On climate change and Australia’s geopolitical future, political time is running out. Whatever the sentiment before this summer’s horrific fires, the political pressure on Morrison’s febrile coalition has increased dramatically.

  • Japan’s big society: a Chinese perspective on the earthquake

    ANU Editorial Board     |      March 28, 2011

    Xia Shu in Beijing wrote this Chinese perspective on the Japanese earthquake for ifeng.com which was translated by David Kelly from UTS Sydney and is shared thanks to East Asia Forum.

    Japan’s most recent earthquake has once again reminded us all of the tragedy of the unpredictable and the futility of human strength. These days, no one can be completely safe from natural disasters; all of us live in an era of risk.