• Understanding Australia’s Ukraine policy

    Elizabeth Buchanan     |      March 5, 2022

    Australia has expressed its support for Ukraine in the current crisis, although we have only just begun to supply military aid. Expressing support for democratic values falls short of fighting for them, and the current war may just be a foretaste of a closer conflict to come.

  • Russia looks beyond Ukraine to the Asia-Pacific

    Elizabeth Buchanan     |      February 7, 2022

    The ongoing European security crisis is much bigger than Ukraine as Russia continues to expand its malign and bullying influence in the Asia-Pacific as well as intimidate and invade its fearful neighbours.

  • The perils of the Cold War hangover

    Elizabeth Buchanan     |      December 24, 2019

    The West has done little to oppose the threat to democracy and the rules based order posed by Russia and China in recent years, but the outlook isn’t as bleak as it may appear.

  • A cold, hard reality check on Antarctica

    Elizabeth Buchanan     |      September 23, 2019

    The Antarctic Treaty System is a consensus arrangement that has been in place for more than 50 years but this Cold War peace agreement is inadequate to respond to the security challenges of the 2020s.