• Do lockdowns save lives?

    Richard Holden     |      July 3, 2021

    The argument for city-wide lockdowns rests on the lives saved outweighing the social and economic costs, and studies which dispute their efficacy should be grounded in sound methodology.

  • Here in my car I feel safest of all

    Richard Holden     |      June 26, 2021

    Limits on late-night passengers for young drivers have reduced the number of teenage road fatalities and show that policies can have long-term effects long after the people involved are no longer restricted.

  • Is technology slowing growth?

    Richard Holden     |      June 19, 2021

    Technology is usually assumed to be a spur for growth, but recent innovations may have actually reduced global economic productivity.

  • Bouncing back

    Richard Holden     |      May 29, 2021

    An uptick in business investment suggests a bright outlook for jobs and output as the economy recovers from the measures imposed to control COVID-19.

  • Economic ups and downs

    Richard Holden     |      May 23, 2021

    Australia’s official unemployment rate falling to 5.5% is enough to make a treasurer dance but we shouldn’t get too carried away.

  • A big spending budget ahead

    Richard Holden     |      May 2, 2021

    Low inflation and interest rates as well as booming mining royalties give the Morrison government scope to ignore the “deficit daleks” in the next Federal budget.

  • Does diversity drive productivity?

    Richard Holden     |      April 26, 2021

    Some advocates of greater diversity in the workplace claim that it improves the quality of decisions, and hence an organisation’s performance, but does evidence back up this assertion?

  • More vaccinations means more jobs

    Richard Holden     |      March 27, 2021

    Australia weathered the pandemic well, but a greater sense of urgency is required to vaccinate the population and get the economy going again.

  • Israel shows the way on vaccinations

    Richard Holden     |      March 22, 2021

    It’s not too late for Australia to repair our vaccine strategy, though we will never make up for the months lost.

  • Putting a price on carbon

    Richard Holden     |      March 12, 2021

    For an orderly transition from fossil fuels, Australia needs a carbon price to replace its hodgepodge of clumsy government interventions.

  • We’re on the way back but it’s a risky road ahead

    Richard Holden     |      February 7, 2021

    Australia’s continued recovery from the economic effects of measures to limit COVID-19 depend on how much we spend and how quickly we get the vaccine.

  • Tackling the scourge of unemployment

    Richard Holden     |      November 2, 2020

    A high unemployment rate isn’t just bad for individuals without a job, and the costs aren’t just financial.