• Israel goes in

    Rodger Shanahan     |      October 17, 2023

    Israeli ground forces are poised to enter the Gaza strip to carry out Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s order to ‘crush and destroy Hamas’ after the terrorist group murdered over 1,200 Israeli civilians in a brutal, unprovoked attack.

  • Ukraine needs tanks, planes – and cluster bombs

    Rodger Shanahan     |      July 13, 2023

    It seems perverse that Ukraine should be criticised for wanting to use cluster bombs against Russian military targets when those very invasion forces have been using them for more than a year against Ukraine.

  • Lost in the long grass

    Rodger Shanahan     |      March 31, 2023

    Commentators criticising the purchase of planes, submarines and tanks by the Australian Defence Force are quick to call these capabilities obsolete, but such glib analysis is seldom based on reality, let alone the history they inevitably reference.