• How safe is your DNA?

    Thom Dixon     |      November 6, 2021

    If we want to enjoy the economic, health and security benefits of a burgeoning bioeconomy, then we need to do the hard work on anticipating and mitigating the risks.

  • Refreshing defence innovation

    Thom Dixon     |      September 27, 2020

    Unless Australia scales up its own DARPA-like investment vehicles and introduces well-endowed talent-retention schemes, or other policy initiatives unique to the Australian context, our defence innovation enterprise is headed for rocky times.

  • Let’s talk about AI again

    Thom Dixon     |      April 7, 2019

    Artificial Intelligence is a strategic battleground for today and tomorrow, but who will set the international norms to protect the public?

  • The 5G trap

    Thom Dixon     |      February 23, 2019

    Australia may have banned Huawei and ZTE from building the next generation of telecommunications infrastructure in the country, but will this actually defend a future Australian 5G network from foreign interference?

  • The case for making space for Taiwan

    Thom Dixon     |      June 8, 2018

    Australian airline Qantas has bowed to Chinese pressure and will now refer to the independent, democratic nation of Taiwan as a ‘Chinese territory’. Rather than kowtow to Chinese demands than Taiwan be marginalised and delegitimised as a nation state, the international community should defend its identity.

  • Cambridge Analytica and the next Australian election

    Thom Dixon     |      March 31, 2018

    Last week’s revelations about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook are continuing to reverberate around the world. With an Australian federal election due within a year, the impact could hit very close to home.

  • Xi’s Chinese power grab weakens global democracy

    Thom Dixon     |      March 18, 2018

    Xi Jinping has rewritten the Chinese constitution to install himself as President for life and his ruthless power grab has wider implications for democracy in Asia and the rest of the world.