• Beefing up government digital service delivery

    Tom Uren     |      July 20, 2021

    A greater adoption of cloud services in government will help manage sudden spikes in demand for access to digital services.

  • Microsoft hack could affect US–China relations

    Tom Uren     |      March 19, 2021

    The fallout from the Exchange hack will continue over many months, but official statements that hint at or assign responsibility will be key indicators as to how the US government, and the world, will respond.

  • Battening down for another solar hurricane

    Tom Uren     |      December 22, 2020

    Russia’s hijacking of solarwinds software to penetrate a host of Western governments and companies underlines the need for better cyber-security across the whole of society.

  • Opportunism drives China’s cyber-attacks

    Tom Uren     |      August 1, 2020

    Although there has been a sustained increase in cyber activity targeting Australia, the Chinese state is still focused on stealing western technology, rather than applying foreign policy pressure.

  • A long term crisis needs long term solutions

    Tom Uren     |      April 14, 2020

    The government should immediately create a Covid-19 funding body with a mandate to identify critical capacity and capability shortfalls and to encourage, lead and drive solutions to tackle the unfolding health crisis.

  • More arms won’t win the political war

    Tom Uren     |      August 25, 2019

    By failing to be forthcoming and transparent about foreign disinformation campaigns, the Australian government is effectively ceding the ‘high ground’ of political warfare to our ideological adversaries.

  • Unmasking Australia’s offensive cyber capability

    Tom Uren     |      April 11, 2018

    A new policy brief builds on official government statements about Australia’s ability to fight back against cyber attacks. It offers more detail on the strengths and weaknesses of our offensive cyber power, explains the risks involved in its use and details some of its checks and balances.