• How do you deal with jerks at work?

    Open Forum     |      November 28, 2019

    Is there that one person who talks over you in meetings? Or maybe you’ve had your lunch pinched from the communal fridge? University of Queensland School of Psychology PhD candidate Mylyn Dat is studying how people deal with office scoundrels.

  • Do Australia’s ‘dumb’ exports matter?

    Adam Triggs     |      November 25, 2019

    Australia’s reliance on raw mineral exports to China and the rest of Asia has been criticised, but countries naturally specialise in what they do best, and this country is no exception.

  • Closing the gender pay gap

    Ebony Stansfield     |      November 22, 2019

    Despite modern laws and changing attitudes, the gender pay gap can start when women first enter the workforce.

  • Job satisfaction is the key to longer working lives

    Andreas Cebulla     |      November 21, 2019

    Josh Frydenberg and the federal government should look beyond their narrow focus on education and training to help older Australians remain in the workforce to encourage better working environments for everyone, regardless of age, gender or occupation.

  • A foot in both camps

    Dawn Lo     |      November 12, 2019

    From an initial interest in optometry to managing a start-up to joining one of the world’s biggest tech giant – UNSW Business School alumna Jenny Chu has tried it all in the pursuit of a fulfilling career.

  • Setting the scene for innovation

    Graeme Lofts     |      November 7, 2019

    Graeme Loft’s new book, Family Business Success Stories, published by Major Street Publishing, tells the stories of eight family businesses who have operated continuously for more than 100 years.

  • What’s your superpower? How to land a job in Silicon Valley

    Dawn Lo     |      November 6, 2019

    UNSW Business School Graduate Shawn Noronha shares his insights on how to land a job in Silicon Valley by responding to trendy interview questions like, “What’s your superpower?”

  • The ethics of the 4 day work week

    Nicholas Smith     |      November 4, 2019

    There’s much to be said for the campaign to reduce weekly working hours but the ethics are more complex than often assumed.

  • Secretive targets for CEO bonuses signal poor company performance

    Open Forum     |      October 18, 2019

    Investors should pay closer attention to the non-financial factors linked to CEO cash bonuses because targets that are not disclosed or left undefined in annual reports tend to flag poorer performance in the future.

  • Innovation is for everyone

    Brad Howarth     |      October 15, 2019

    It’s generally accepted that Australia could be doing more to lift its rate of innovation, but assigning responsibility to one group alone is unlikely to solve the problem and may be the reason we find ourselves in our current malaise.

  • Contractor safety is good for business

    Stella Ryne     |      October 15, 2019

    Over 30 Australian construction workers are killed through falls, vehicle accidents, being hit by objects or contact with electricity every year, and more than 10,000 are seriously injured. It’s the most dangerous job in Australia and it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep things safe on every building site.

  • Are fat cat CEOs worth their paychecks?

    Mariano Heyden     |      September 28, 2019

    CEOs of major companies are paid vast sums, not least to ruthlessly cut the jobs and wages of the people actually doing the work. Are they worth the millions they take for themselves?