• China still needs Australian iron ore

    David Uren     |      May 6, 2021

    It must be galling to Chinese authorities that, notwithstanding their determination to punish Australia for its many perceived sins, their annual imports from Australia are running at near record levels.

  • COVID-19 won’t rattle East Asian supply chains

    Fukunari Kimura     |      May 1, 2021

    Many observers argued the pandemic would mark the end of global supply chains, with a massive ‘reshoring’ of production to developed countries, but this seems unlikely to happen.

  • A clear agenda to save the WTO

    Inu Manak     |      May 1, 2021

    The fate of the World Trade Organization (WTO) hangs in the balance after four years of assault by the Trump administration. But things are not as dismal as they appear. Turning the corner in 2021, the WTO has an opportunity to usher in a new era of trade cooperation.

  • Does diversity drive productivity?

    Richard Holden     |      April 26, 2021

    Some advocates of greater diversity in the workplace claim that it improves the quality of decisions, and hence an organisation’s performance, but does evidence back up this assertion?

  • Teaching tomorrow’s business people about sustainable development goals

    Priya Sharma     |      April 13, 2021

    Including the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals into business courses would inspire future business leaders to make genuinely useful contributions to their community.

  • Fintech is helping digital entrepreneurs in developing countries

    Victoria Tichá     |      April 7, 2021

    Fintech is playing an important role in helping digital entrepreneurs tap into growth opportunities in Indonesia’s developing communities, shows UNSW Business School research.

  • A taste for travel

    Open Forum     |      March 30, 2021

    A new Edith Cowan University study has explored what attracts holidaymakers to visit food museums. The findings highlight lessons for Australia’s tourism industry on how to capitalise on the lucrative food traveller market.

  • Boosting academic-industry collaboration

    Angela McCabe     |      March 21, 2021

    Australia has long been seen as failing to fully capitalise on its ground-breaking research and a new consultation paper on university research commercialisation is the latest federal government effort to improve outcomes.

  • VET overhaul could create a training system for all

    Open Forum     |      March 19, 2021

    COVID-19 halted the importation of skilled labour from abroad, forcing government and business leaders to think about developing homegrown talent.

  • Corporate governance in times of COVID

    Carla Christofferson     |      March 17, 2021

    Australian success and American failure in the fight against COVID-19 demonstrate the need for strong leadership and a centralised approach in times of crisis.

  • Smart sovereignty is the key to Australia’s future

    Innes Willox     |      March 8, 2021

    Australian businesses back ‘smart sovereignty’, in which we do better with what we have and add value to supply chains but maintain strong trading relationships abroad.

  • Food for thought

    Open Forum     |      March 7, 2021

    From Frog cakes to Fruchocs, famous local foods can attract valuable tourist dollars to Australian states hit hard by restrictions on international travel.