• Forced fun is no fun at all

    Open Forum     |      February 26, 2021

    Zoom dress up parties, tug-of-war, ‘trust falls’ and escape rooms – team building exercises have become the go-to tool for managers trying to increase organisational and team rapport and productivity, but many employees resent compulsory bonding and regard these exercises as the bane of their workplace existence.

  • Night owls don’t give a hoot at work

    Open Forum     |      February 25, 2021

    ‘Night owls’ may be twice as likely as ‘morning larks’ to underperform at work, say Finnish researchers, and additionally run a heightened risk of early retirement due to disability.

  • Leading a business with purpose

    Victoria Tichá     |      February 25, 2021

    Purpose-led leadership helps managers navigate difficult times, and can also help leaders celebrate the things that go well, says UNSW Business School’s Leisa Sargent.

  • Business changes tune on China

    Andrew Forrest     |      February 19, 2021

    It has taken years of blatant bullying from Beijing for Australian firms to finally realise that nothing short of complete capitulation would get Australia back on China’s good side.

  • Innovation brings higher profits and stock returns

    Open Forum     |      February 18, 2021

    A large-scale study has found more innovative Australian companies post higher future profits and stock returns. The findings highlight the significant financial benefits of innovation for companies, which in turn supports job creation and economic growth.

  • The price of insurance equity

    Victoria Tichá     |      February 17, 2021

    Research highlights the need for regulators, consumer advocate groups and industry associations to be involved in determining what insurers can – and cannot – discriminate against.

  • Mapping wage theft with data science

    Timothy Kariotis     |      February 15, 2021

    Wage theft is almost ‘normal’ in some industries, but hard to detect. Predictive algorithms can help regulators and give workers an edge.

  • The chips are down for Crown Casinos

    Charles Livingstone     |      February 12, 2021

    Revelations of criminality, corruption and money laundering through Crown casinos call into question the future of James Packer’s gambling empire.

  • Taking care of business: the private sector is waking up to nature’s value

    Megan Evans     |      February 4, 2021

    There’s a growing push among businesses and the finance sector to protect the Earth’s threatened climate and nature to ensure their long-term sustainability.

  • Is your office pandemic proof?

    Jenny Zhou     |      January 31, 2021

    Australia should draw on international best practice to ensure current workplaces and future buildings can weather the problems posed by COVID-19 and be prepared for future pandemics to keep workers and occupants safe.

  • Prospects for an Australia–India trade deal

    Melissa Conley Tyler     |      January 27, 2021

    China’s economic bullying of Australia is turning the eyes of exporters and trade negotiators to another Asian economic superpower – India.

  • Bait and switch

    Craig Donaldson     |      January 22, 2021

    New research has quantified the size of the gap between the forecast and actual earnings of start-ups presented by entrepreneurs to potential investors.