• Should business encourage vaccinations?

    Kate Bettes     |      September 20, 2021

    As Australia edges closer to the vaccination targets required to open the economy and international borders, big businesses have been stepping up but is it their role to do so?

  • Sydney risks a spike if it opens too quickly

    Raina MacIntyre     |      September 15, 2021

    Balancing the threat to health posed by COVID and the need to re-open a largely vaccinated society is a difficult choice, but new modelling suggests a heavy price will be paid if New South Wales opens too quickly.

  • Holding onto hope

    Alan Petersen     |      September 9, 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic provides a “hopeful moment” – to use a phrase coined by Hirokazu Myazaki – to create opportunities for envisioning alternative futures, ones that are more inclusive and caring, less environmentally destructive, and oriented to fulfilling basic human needs.

  • No ‘Freedom Day’ for Australia just yet

    Open Forum     |      September 8, 2021

    Patchy uptake of COVID-19 vaccines across cities and regions means Australia’s public health measures are likely to continue well into next year, with a leading epidemiologist predicting the country will achieve tolerable disease control by early 2022.

  • Teens need the COVID-19 jab for herd immunity

    Open Forum     |      September 7, 2021

    James Cook University scientists have developed a new model to track the COVID-19 pandemic – and it’s telling them Australia should now prioritise delivering the Pfizer vaccine to 12-40 year-olds.

  • Introducing OzSAGE – practical advice for reopening Australia

    Richard Holden     |      September 6, 2021

    OzSAGE’s first recommendations deal with ventilation and the measures that will have to accompany widespread vaccination.

  • Public health v personal liberty

    Diane Nazaroff     |      September 4, 2021

    The COVID restrictions governments have put in place to contain the pandemic may safeguard our health but they could also corrode public trust and even the stability of liberal democracies.

  • Putting children and young people first

    Patricia Davidson     |      September 3, 2021

    COVID-19 has put the spotlight on older people, but as we emerge from the pandemic, we will need to refocus on the needs of younger adults and children and the environments in which they live, work and play.

  • A choppy transition from pandemic to endemic

    Michelle Grattan     |      September 3, 2021

    The Victorian and New South Wales governments are looking forward to life returning to normality despite the inexorable rise of COVID infections.

  • Opening up at 80% vaccinations may come with a price

    Open Forum     |      September 1, 2021

    A team modelling the reduction of COVID-19 restrictions after 80 per cent of the adult population is vaccinated is warning that threshold is not high enough, in contrast to the Doherty model the government’s vaccination targets are based on.

  • The ethical implications of vaccine passports

    Dawn Lo     |      August 31, 2021

    UNSW legal and software engineering experts look at the implications of vaccine passports and the impact on people’s liberty and safety.

  • We need a national plan to re-open

    Stephen Duckett     |      August 30, 2021

    NSW and Victoria are in the midst of a spiraling epidemic, while other states maintain hard borders to protect themselves. We need a robust national plan all states can sign up to, without hedging or caveats, to protect Australian’s health while returning closer to normal life.