• Barbaric acts feed filthy lies

    Matthew Sussex     |      April 7, 2022

    We should not be surprised that a brutal dictatorial regime which will invade its peaceful neighbour and murder its civilians in the face of global outrage has no qualms about lying about it too.

  • Welcome to the hell

    Amy Lieberman     |      April 6, 2022

    Hundreds of murdered civilians have been found by Ukrainian forces, bound and shot in the back of the head by the retreating Russian invaders, but still the West offers only words rather than action to hold Putin to account for his crimes.

  • If the cap fits

    Alexander Motyl     |      April 5, 2022

    The epithet ‘fascist’ is often thrown as a generalised political insult, but when Russia invaded Ukraine, its leader was immediately labeled “fascist” by Ukrainians and others and for once that label fits.

  • Russia’s genocide in Ukraine

    Alex Hinton     |      April 4, 2022

    There’s a real threat that Russia will commit wholesale genocide in Ukraine and, as evidence of civilian mass murders and other war crimes emerge, there is good reason to believe it is already underway.

  • Bullies, not victims

    Robert Frost     |      April 4, 2022

    Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is the latest in a series of acts of naked aggression by Russian rulers against the country’s neighbours, motivated by grand imperial claims and a self-pitying narrative of victimhood.

  • Putin’s revanchist excuses for going to war

    Paul Dibb     |      April 3, 2022

    What are the causes of Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine and why have they created Europe’s most serious conflict since World War II? The answer is in the mind of President Vladimir Putin, the only person in today’s Russia with the authority to go to war.

  • Russia’s troops are on the run

    Natasha Lindstaedt     |      April 3, 2022

    Russia’s well armed but poorly motivated troops have been mauled by spirited Ukrainian resistance, with reports of desertions mounting – alongside evidence of dreadful atrocities against civilians as they retreat.

  • Could a palace coup oust Putin?

    Lisa McIntosh Sundstrom     |      April 3, 2022

    With no democratic means to remove Vladimir Putin from power, and the ruthless suppression of protests on the streets, could a palace coup offer the only way to eject the architect of Russia’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine?

  • Sending Bushmasters would prove support for Ukraine

    Marcus Hellyer     |      April 2, 2022

    Sending Australian Bushmasters to Ukraine will be a highly visible demonstration that the world is watching and supporting the fight against Russia, a symbol as important as any military capability they will provide.

  • Putin’s people – How the KGB took back Russia then took on the West

    John West     |      April 2, 2022

    Catherine Belton’s book “Putin’s People” explains how the Russian dictator and his KGB cronies snuffed out democracy in Russia and began to rebuild the Soviet Empire to entrench themselves in power.

  • Russia’s way out – Putin must go

    Bob Ford     |      April 1, 2022

    Adding to the bounty on Putin’s arrest or assassination would be another way to ramp up pressure on Russia’s dictator, and might just offer the easiest end to his bloody campaign in Ukraine.

  • A giant among pygmies

    Rowan Nicholson     |      April 1, 2022

    The power of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s address to the Australian parliament underlined his growing international stature, and offered a sharp contrast with the petty personalities and politics in Australia’s domestic political scene.