• Scooter wars

    Clara Zwack     |      February 8, 2024

    E-scooters, like E-bikes, are now a common site in Australia’s cities, offering users a quick, cheap form of urban transport – and posing a menace to pedestrians, road users and the riders themselves.

  • Rush hour

    Ben Knight     |      January 26, 2024

    State governments could look to a new road pricing strategy to help ease traffic gridlock in our increasingly congested cities.

  • Road wars

    Milad Haghani     |      January 21, 2024

    After decades of decline, more people are dying on Australia’s roads as traffic congestion increases and more people speed, distract themselves with phones, ignore road rules and conventions and drive with alcohol or drugs in their system.

  • Safer cycling

    Open Forum     |      January 15, 2024

    Cycling deaths are slowly declining in Australia, but fatalities involving single riders and older people are on the rise.

  • Your fast car’s a slow coach

    Cecilia Duong     |      November 24, 2023

    Motorists are endlessly lectured about the need to slow down, but most of us go below the speed limit because car manufacturers always calibrate speedometers to show less than the car’s real velocity.

  • Drive to survive

    Open Forum     |      October 3, 2023

    A New South Wales academic with expertise in flying and psychology wants to change the way young people learn to drive to reduce their disproportionate road toll of deaths, injuries and accidents.

  • Battery blues

    Max Thomas     |      July 18, 2023

    Electric vehicles are slowly becoming more common on the nation’s roads, but ideologically appealing developments can easily produce more intractable problems than the technologies they replace.

  • An accident waiting to happen

    Tony Jaques     |      June 28, 2023

    The poor design and cavalier operation of the Titan submersible made it an accident waiting to happen, and, as with so many previous disasters, warnings about the dangers were continually dismissed or ignored.

  • All at sea

    Ali Asgary     |      June 22, 2023

    The loss of the Titanic led to the creation of The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) which mandated a range of maritime safety measures and the loss of the Titan submersible may prompt a similar rethink of legislation.

  • No-one at the wheel

    Rory Cross     |      May 23, 2023

    The much-vaunted driverless car is as far away as ever, but autonomous maritime vessels of various sizes are already in use around the world for a variety of civil, military and even criminal purposes.

  • You can park here, mate

    Open Forum     |      May 9, 2023

    Allowing apartment holders to rent out dedicated parking spaces would help alleviate housing costs while easing the shortage of street parking in Australia’s ever more crowded cities.

  • Electric boogaloo

    Scott Dwyer     |      April 24, 2023

    Australia has lagged behind other developed nations in transitioning from fossil fuels in energy and transport, but after a very slow start, electric vehicle sales and infrastructure are beginning to take off.