• You are the product

    Mark Andrejevic     |      July 9, 2021

    A recent expose by the investigative journalists at The Markup revealed how Facebook uses detailed information about what people do online – the websites they visit and the search terms they use – to allow pharmaceutical companies to target people regarding medical conditions in which they’ve shown an interest.

  • Time to kick alcohol adverts into touch

    Open Forum     |      June 12, 2020

    Australian sports are gearing up for action, but while the crowds will be limited, there will certainly be a new avalanche of alcohol adverts at every game and in the media, raising concerns about its effects on young people.

  • Advertisers wake up to a ‘woke’ nightmare

    Abas Mirzaei     |      September 11, 2019

    Advertisers jump on every bandwagon to peddle other people’s wares, but latching onto the coat-tails of social justice warriors may have brought more grief than extra sales.

  • It’s not cricket – How the alcohol industry targets children watching sport on TV

    Julia Stafford     |      December 23, 2018

    Children are exposed to repeated advertisements for alcohol during sports coverage on television, with adverse affects on their future drinking habits, and its time the rules were tightened.

  • Australia’s rules on alcohol advertising aren’t protecting our children

    Open Forum     |      November 15, 2018

    Regulations introduced to restrict the placement of alcohol advertising are unlikely to reduce young people’s exposure to alcohol marketing in Australia, according to new research led by Curtin University.

  • Alcohol firms try advertising booze as a health drink

    Open Forum     |      August 31, 2018

    Australian alcohol companies are now promoting their products as ‘pure’, ‘fresh’, ‘natural’ and ‘sugar-free’ to encourage more health conscious Australians to purchase them, new research led by Curtin University has found.

  • Is “low carb” beer really better for you?

    Open Forum     |      April 21, 2018

    “Low carb” beer is widely advertised but its implied health claims are smoke and mirrors. Health groups are calling for nutrition info panels on alcohol to help make the public make more informed consumption choices.