• We’re on the cusp of discovering alien life

    Cathal O'Connell     |      November 20, 2019

    The ancient question ‘Are we alone?’ has graduated from being a philosophical musing to a testable hypothesis. We should be prepared for an answer.

  • Wandering moons may shape distant solar systems

    Open Forum     |      November 20, 2019

    Australian and South American researchers suggest that wandering “ploonets” are unseen actors in distant solar systems.  These moons, once ejected from orbits around gas giant exoplanets, could explain several astronomical mysteries.

  • Unraveling the stories in our stars

    Charles Kemp     |      August 20, 2019

    Throughout time, humankind has looked to the stars and recounted the meaning they see. We know this is true of many cultures, in many places. But time and place have influenced those narratives and how they were passed on.

  • Fire in the sky

    Jonathan Horner     |      May 27, 2019

    Over the past few days a pair of spectacular fireballs have graced Australia’s skies, but what’s the science behind them?

  • A quiet Sunday night discovering a super-massive black hole

    Noura Alonzi     |      August 8, 2018

    The story of how a small team of researchers from Australian universities found the ‘hungry monster’ – one of the most exciting discoveries in astronomy this year.

  • Blood moon: lunar eclipse myths from around the world

    Daniel Brown     |      July 28, 2018

    Last evening, six of Earth’s seven continents saw the longest lunar eclipse this century. From fake kings and celestial jaguars, Daniel Brown explores the many myths behind the “blood moon”, and why this evocative phrase is a thorn in the side of science.