• So, where did Covid-19 come from?

    Ramesh Thakur     |      June 5, 2021

    The World Health Organisation has consistently failed over COVID-19, deferring dangerously to China’s misinformation campaign. Now the idea the virus might have escaped from a lab in Wuhan, long derided as fanciful, is gaining mainstream traction.

  • Effective governance paved the way for a strong COVID response

    Open Forum     |      March 2, 2021

    Clinical engagement and good governance were critical factors in NSW Health’s agile response to the pandemic.

  • Hang in there, Australia

    Brendan Crabb     |      January 8, 2021

    Australia’s COVID exit strategy will be built around vaccines, but current COVID controls may still be required for another year, and perhaps some will endure beyond that.

  • Enjoy a COVID-free Christmas

    Lachlan Gilbert     |      December 4, 2020

    Christmas may not be cancelled, but it will certainly be different to any before, say leading COVID-19 experts. Despite the virtual eradication of the virus in this country, precautions over the holiday season will help prevent a resurgence.

  • COVID survives on surfaces longer than thought

    Cass Erbs     |      October 12, 2020

    CSIRO research shows the virus which causes COVID-19 lasts for 10 days longer than Influenza on some non-porous surfaces such as glass phone screens, stainless steel railings and banknotes.

  • Living in the crosshairs of COVID-19

    John Power     |      September 14, 2020

    It’s not a particularly pleasant prospect to die from COVID-19 – but John Power will soon face State and Commonwealth decisions that may cost him his life.

  • A new approach may be needed to tame COVID-19

    Open Forum     |      July 17, 2020

    A prominent Australian pharmacologist has called for a new approach to treating COVID-19 as hopes fade of finding an effective vaccine or antiviral before the end of the year.

  • Does Australia need an elimination strategy?

    Michelle Grattan     |      July 11, 2020

    A number of states have essentially eliminated COVID-19 through tough border policies, should Australia as a nation do the same?

  • Tough choices on COVID-19 in the Pacific

    Tess Newton Cain     |      July 6, 2020

    Many Pacific island countries are COVID-19-free thanks to the swift and decisive actions of governments in closing borders early and keeping them firmly shut but the danger is not over yet so there is no room for complacency.

  • Staying the course

    Michael Lydeamore     |      April 24, 2020

    There are increasing calls to relax the economic and social restrictions designed to slow the spread of COVID-19, but the numbers say we must stay the course, or risk undoing everything we’ve so far achieved in protecting lives and the health system.

  • Recovering from “NEWS” Syndrome

    Edwin Maher     |      April 23, 2020

    COVID-19 has disrupted every aspect of our lives but our hunger for constant updates may cause more stress than reassurance. Relying on trusted sources, and turning off the news every now and then for family time can help us strike a better balance in our lives.