• The case for hope

    Katrina Lee-Koo     |      June 3, 2022

    Although global prospects appear bleak, with the return of war to Europe and a growing climate crisis, there remains a case for optimism across a range of social and political issues.

  • The foundation of love

    Wasim Abbas Toori     |      April 8, 2022

    The man-made horrors in Ukraine stand in sharp contrast with the beauty of nature, and humanity must rediscover harmony with the natural world to find peace within itself.

  • 5 ways to build hope this year

    Jacqueline Mattis     |      January 10, 2021

    We live in turbulent times, and after a torrid 2020, the New Year has begun with even more shocks and surprises. Cultivating a sense of individual hope and resilience can help people weather difficult times and improve the prospects for others.