The foundation of love

| April 8, 2022

Travelling and exploring the beauty of nature always fascinates me. I am lucky to have visited some of the most exciting wonders of nature and where I have immersed my soul to experience the energy of life.

There I talk to nature with the language of silence, which is the language of heart and soul. I ask nature, why are you so calm despite sometimes being so noisy?  Nature replies, all my calmness and noise are to maintain the balance essential for your life. My life? Oh, am I sincere in maintaining the balance for myself, I ask? Nature replies, life is beautiful and balanced but human beings manipulate the natural balance. How? I wonder.

A few days ago, I was travelling from Perth to Broome. As an explorer, I was relishing the beauty of Western Australia from the Airbus window. The scenes were soothing for my eyes, and everything was so attractive; my mind was blowing like a waving boat in the ocean. I admired nature’s beauty and miracles in the oceans, deserts, space, and clouds all at once.

I was indulging in my own imaginative world, where everything was beautiful and calming, and I thought Earth, which we call our home, was created in perfectly balance. Everything, from microbes to humans, gets the food we need, and every single cell in our body is a universe on its own.

Everything was lively and attractive with so many wonders and beauties! Suddenly, my eyes caught a headline about “Ukraine” in the newspaper. I wanted to escape from this harsh reality and tried to escape into my beautiful thoughts again, but all my efforts were in vain. I was present in Ukraine just like a scared little child who closes their eyes to escape danger. War was all around, everyone crying in a deadly frozen night amid the deafening cracks of bullets.

A question arises in my mind!

What is war?

It is a merciless hurricane of fire, which does not care for anyone; it blows everyone away. War is the true antonym of peace, harmony, and happiness.

The sky, which a few moments earlier appeared calm and soothing for my eyes had turned into a fearfully bloody red.  The clouds were now huge clouds of smoke; the boat of my imaginations was drowning in rough waves.  I asked myself the question “Why do wars happen?” What are we giving to future generations? Can’t we ever live in peace? Is war in our nature?

No, as a human being and as nature’s admirer, I strongly oppose these thoughts; let me explain!

War is merely bloodshed and conflict. When the process of evolution led to man, we began to transfer society’s rules, cultural values, thoughts, opinions, political views, and religious beliefs as well as our genetic traits to the next generation.

This process led to the domestication of human beings. It is our family’s customs and society’s rules and regulations that shape our perception and how we think, react, and act. We learn from our beliefs, values, and experiences as human beings. In the same way, war itself leaves impacts on everything; it results in violence, malnutrition, economic and social loss, but the affects it has on children cannot be measured.

According to research, it has been revealed the brain of a child passes through a paradoxical development. This stage is extremely sensitive, and every action or experience leaves its marks on the developing brain. A child living in an environment with war, violence, and injustice; is more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), behavioral problems, and more.

According to Psychologist Elise Bittenbinder, “Children in Syria are growing up as “Generation Trauma” many have never lived a life without war.”  He added, “About 3 million children in Syria have only seen war, death, and destruction in their lifetime.”

These realities affect children from Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, Yemen, and now Ukraine.

Before starting such wars, why do we forget how many lives will suffer, how many children will live an orphan’s life, how many parents will lose their purpose of living, how many families will be mentally and psychologically disturbed?

It’s always hardest to begin

We all have heard this phrase many times in our life. But in regards to war, this phrase is inaccurate because while starting a war can be easy, ending it – and its affects – is almost impossible.  We cannot reverse the damage, and we can’t bring back the people who were killed protecting their lands or loved ones.

Imagine a child of 5 years old who sees their mother or father dying for no fault of their own; What will that child’s psychological condition be like? Can we ever reverse this damage? No, we cannot even if we try from the bottom of our heart. We cannot remove that dreadful scene from his eyes and memory.

Let us think about what we are giving to our next generation. A world full of hate, discrimination, exploitation, and racism? Where is there justice? I am not talking about an ideal world, but a world where everyone can have fundamental rights, balance, and a sense of security.

Nature holds the key

Everything in this universe flows in a balanced way. Look at the stars, or the rhythm of night and day. Have you noticed the day trying to snatch a part of the night? If there is a slight disruption in balance, there will be catastrophic events. Why can’t we learn from nature’s miracles? If there is a hurricane over the ocean, it will pour its water over the earth; what happens? We see massive destruction! Human beings have been using biomimicry to solve our complex problems; however, we have not yet learnt the very fundamental lesson from nature – the importance of balance.

As Bea Chuvin rightly said “All of your answers lie in nature.”

When I see the cold and unjust behavior of people in power who consider themselves champions of human rights champions, I realise they are not bringing justice even to their own system. The United Nations Security Council is dominated by the  five countries that won World War II; we can clearly see that human behaviour has not changed over the subsequent period of time. Forget about the stone  age where predators preyed and divided prey among themselves, even three centuries ago when imperialists and colonists rose; they occupied the world and divided it among themselves.

The same thing happened after World War II when Germany was divided between two powers. I often think if today’s globalized and so-called civilized world has this injustice, what would have been the situation 300-400 years ago? What would be the level of violation?

Most human beings have conscious and unconscious biases, which reflect everywhere these days. The Russian government portrays the occupation of Ukraine as liberation while the rest of the world considers it an invasion. According to my knowledge, comprehension, and inner instincts, it is just an invasion, as I believe killing one person is just like killing all humanity.

If you hear media, you will see only conflicting information and disinformation; they will always tell one sided story; they just do subjective analysis. Look at the defence stocks, I was quite sure it would rise if war broke out. I am not going to lie; I felt greed’s natural feeling. But all at once, my inner voice made me ashamed. Where are my basic human ethics?

A better tomorrow

Science and technology have allows us to meet the requirements of the world’s growing population by effectively using the earth’s resources to live a comfortable life. Nevertheless, this is only sustainable when progress is based on equality and justice, rather than greed. We need to promote humanity, empathy, and peace rather than the hate, racism, and tyranny which differentiate us from the animals.

Not only do we need to spread love amongst our fellow humans, but we also need to treat the elements of nature with dignity and respect as they provide us with the means of living. Most importantly, our planet can only give so much, the damage we have caused to it is already irreversible. We are already living in a critical time and humanity faces problems like global warming, poverty, environmental degradation, and decline in the global supply of resources.

Earth is in the midst of its 6th mass extinction. If we ignore aligning ourselves with the principles of nature, in future there will be no sign of human race on this planet. Despite all of this, we all show up for a reason, and our existence has a divine purpose, and we need to act as a unified race.

This topic is so overwhelming my heart is just breaking while describing our irony as human beings, but I would conclude with a beautiful saying from the great Persian poet Hafiz Sherazi.

“Every foundation you see is faulty, except that of love which is faultless.”