• Ukraine’s future lies in NATO

    Kateryna Shynkaruk     |      September 10, 2023

    Although Vladimir Putin strives to reabsorb Ukraine into a resurgent Russian empire, Ukraine’s future lies in being another strong democracy in a united and resolute NATO.

  • NATO must stand firm against Russian incursions

    Adam Simpson     |      August 4, 2023

    NATO must be ready to respond in a firm but measured manner to Russian incursions and provocations as Russian dictator Vladimir Putin sees hesitancy in the West as weakness. The lack of a unified and strong NATO response to Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea and hybrid warfare in the Donbas fed Putin’s ambitions to launch his doomed full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

  • Supporting NATO and Ukraine

    Justin Bassi     |      July 12, 2023

    It is in Australia’s national interest to join NATO counterparts in proclaiming support for Ukraine and the inseparability of the transatlantic and Indo-Pacific partnerships in protecting freedom and democracy.

  • The art of showing up

    Melissa Conley Tyler     |      April 17, 2023

    Woody Allen once quipped that “showing up is 80 percent of life”, so Anthony Albanese should accept his invitation to attend the NATO summit in Lithuania in July and show solidarity with other Western nations standing up to the aggressive authoritarian threat posed by Russia and China.

  • A world divided between light and dark

    Stefan Wolff     |      July 4, 2022

    The deepening division of the world between liberal democracies around the world and the aggressive dictatorships of Russia and China is forcing non-aligned nations to pick sides.

  • NATO must stand fast against the Russian ogre

    Malcolm Davis     |      July 2, 2022

    While all are too timid to fight for the freedom they profess to support, NATO nations have shown varying degrees of outrage and support for Ukraine’s brave and lonely fight against the marauding Russian ogre, and must redouble their resolve to fight further aggression with more than just brave words.