• Natural philosophy

    Open Forum     |      May 17, 2024

    Public policy should be based on scientific evidence – but scientists often lament the gap between science and policy, while policy-makers feel that scientists don’t deliver the evidence that is needed, so perhaps philosophical expertise can help close the gap between research and policy.

  • Self determination – or delusion?

    Alan Stevenson     |      April 2, 2024

    The debate over whether humans have free will is a long-standing and complex issue in philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. Do we really have free will – and therefore moral responsibility for our actions – or are our choices shaped our genetic makeup and social influences in ways that put them out of our control?

  • Political bees and talking pigs

    Julia Kindt     |      March 15, 2024

    The differences and similarities between humans and (other) animals fascinated ancient philosophers and story tellers, and are still a point of scientific and moral contention today.

  • The Visionaries

    Jen Webb     |      November 27, 2023

    “The Visionaries” tells the story of four indomitable women who pursued their their own visions of a truly free and open society at a time of brutal authoritarianism and cataclysmic war.

  • Learning how to live

    Oscar Davis     |      August 22, 2023

    We all have feelings and questions about the meaning and purpose of our lives, and it is not as simple as picking a side between the Aristotelians, the existentialists, or any of the other moral traditions.

  • Faith in the age of reason

    David Hoinski     |      July 5, 2023

    Born 400 years ago, philosopher Blaise Pascal was one of the first philosophers to grapple with the role of faith in an age of science and reason

  • Opening the black box

    Sam Baron     |      January 27, 2023

    Everyone’s jumping on the AI bandwagon so modern philosophers are taking a leaf out of the Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy to ape Vroomfondel and Majikthise of the Amalgamated Union of Philosophers, Sages, Luminaries and Other Thinking Persons and insert themselves into the debate.

  • Hegel at Heidelberg

    Robert Stern     |      December 26, 2022

    There has been much excitement in academic circles over the discovery of a treasure trove of notes from the lectures given by the great German idealist philosopher G.W.F. Hegel.

  • Socrates the great

    Oscar Davis     |      September 22, 2022

    Although he never wrote a word on paper, the Oracle of Delphi declared Socrates the wisest of all human beings and his life and death has shaped the history of Western thought.

  • Mark Nicol’s Counterpoint – The new intellectual pedigree – The school of the fourth age

    Mark Nicol     |      March 15, 2021

    Dropping any pretence of academic rigour, social science has been turned into a tool of social progressives, and a new philosophy exploring man’s place in nature is required.

  • Counterpoint by Mark Nicol – Human history versus human cultural evolution

    Mark Nicol     |      March 8, 2021

    Western academies of social scientists have comprehensively failed to produce rational accounts of moral or philosophical perspective in response to the ecological crisis facing the world today.

  • Counterpoint by Mark Nicol – A vision of hope: The church of native divinity

    Mark Nicol     |      November 5, 2020

    The disciplined practise of rational science has given modern man technological domination of the planet, but it may take a new reverence for life itself for our species to ensure a sustainable future.