Mark Nicol’s Counterpoint – The new intellectual pedigree – The school of the fourth age

| March 15, 2021

One has argued that all Social Science faculties in Western universities should be expeditiously decommissioned, courses scrapped, lecturers sacked. One has stated that the orthodox conception of human history, articled by such academics, is myopic, distorted, providing little utility to the intelligent volitional progression of mankind.

I would like to hear from any professor or student, lecturing in or exiting from our institutions of higher learning, who might offer a succinct, accurate, penetrating, and cogent account of evolutionary volitional progression in human history.
As regimented egalitarianists our current clique of Social Science professors cannot even admit to a process of evolutionary cultural progression. Why?

Recognition of cultural evolution would necessarily admit to profound differences in the intellectual, moral, volitional pedigrees of existing cultures, recognizing archetypal or derivative Primitive, Ancient, Modern-mode forms. To say as such is, under the egalitarianist ideological mandate, verboten. So, on count one, our current crop of supposed Social Scientists don’t even want to be honest.

On count two, is the current consortium of professing moralogical intellectuals capable of furnishing such article, a succinct, accurate, penetrating, and cogent account of human technological, teleological, volitional progression? No. Why?
Poor understanding of subject matter, utilization of inappropriate methodology, collective inability to release from a staid intellectual orthodoxy predicate for the lack of reasoned moralogical product emanating from our Social Scientists.

One cannot approach a scientific or moral question, beforehand determining what the ideal answer to that question must be and arrive at an analytical conclusion truthful, reasoned. Yet, when the modern Social Scientist goes to analyze a human script, rather than letting cause and consequence events tell the story, delineate an underlying moral logic, the analyst preconceives an ideological explanation.

Thus, the ideological framing of the German Nazi phenomenon is this:

Hitler was just a human abomination, aberration. It was just the sway of his promissory rhetoric, which led a desperate people to follow.

Human history keeps on throwing up abominations – Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Amin, Mugabe, Putin, Xi Jinping, Jong-un. The phenomenon is not aberrant. There are 50 classified dictatorships operating in the world today: toxic ones mustered under Islamic ideology; calculated ones utilizing Communist imperialistic dogma; the dumb, brute ones convened in backward African, Asian States.

It is the emotive, ideological reaction to the butcherous despot, the willful failure to acknowledge the phenomenon as a consistent cause and consequence human product, which places reasoned understanding of the abomination beyond grasp.
Hitler did not defile, kill millions. It was those millions who affirmed, submitted to Hitler’s vile, inhumane will.

Can all those millions that affirmed the debauched Nazi vision, the heinous Communist missions, the butcherous tribal marches of Amin, Mugabe, the callous nationalism of Jong-un, be accounted as aberrant moral actors? No.

Look to a generic human moral actor, the moral, political sheep. And praise be to Jesus, that sheep may safely graze.

It is that classic propensity of the intellectually, morally indolent commoner in human society to act as a moral, political supplicant, which precipitately furnishes repeated political regimens morally heinous, or pathetic.

The first footprint of this dumb march is insidiously nourished in Western culture, a culture wearing the unique, hard-earned, proud pedigree of the Modern Liberal State, by sanctimonious social scientists. How?

If you cultivate ideological automatons, of any denomination, incite them with emotive sentiments, fail to nourish questioning intellectual rationalism, questioning even tutelage, leadership? This is the shepherd so preoccupied with the vainglory of his station, the bleating of his flock, that he cares not about the cliff edge ahead.

A culture subsumed with intellectual, moral vanities, histrionic titillations such as the latest vogue ism, is heading for a fall. A virile culture navigates its course with moving ideological aspiration, true. But it does not ignore the rational compass.
It is the lowly pedigree of our moral, philosophical professors, which nurtures the ruinous ideological schism, shallow moral characterization in Western culture today.

These are the luminaries beating up the isms of colour, sexual preference, sex, twiddling their thumbs whilst the fabric of life on Earth burns. No, these agents are not summonsing the Tyranny of the Mighty. They cultivate the Tyranny of the Meek, a deluded, effete, susceptible culture.

The fundamental fault?

The problems lays with poor resolution of the basics in human intellectual reckoning. Of three fundamental faculties resolving cosmological intelligence instructive to human expressive navigation, even Modern Western Man is competent in but one.

We don’t even command a coherent understanding of the proper domain, function for our three, core intellectual faculties. There is that study of Physics, pertaining to the understanding of technological design in nature, how nature works. There is Metaphysics, pertaining to the understanding of teleological design in nature, why nature works. There is Philosophy, which properly pertains to the reconciled understanding of technological, teleological designs, holistic synthesis.

Modern Physicists largely respect the proper domain, function for scientific profession. One offers only these criticisms, aimed at puritanical scientists confining themselves pedantically to the domain, at over audacious scientists professing outside.

As servants of human expressive progression first, scientific pedantry second, one proper job of the scientist is to formulate overview analyses of ecological, human predicaments, warn of any likely impending calamities.

However, the fastidious methodological practitioner will refuse to formulate impure, broadscale analyses, or voice any moral plea. This is facultative introspection, counting dying frogs, citing closed chains of causality, refusing to look big and cite mass human transgression. There is no living service in this science, if no direct blood upon the puritan’s hands.

Conversely, the proponent of scientism, conceiving of a pure materialistic cosmos, ventures outside the proper intellectual domain of Physics. This preposterous arguer that science explains all, can provide all, is yet unable to explain cosmological first cause, or any moral cause, or provide anything of moral utility to human expression.

Overall, the Modern Physicist is a highly pedigreed intellectual practitioner, providing enormous service to the technological advancement of human volitional expression. Therefor, in our new intellectual academy, the School of the Fourth Age, there will be little need to change, augment, or censure the profession of modern scientists.

As to our professors of moralogical erudition, vision, Primitive, Ancient, Modern? The first two willfully fabricated pleasing accounts of moral design in the cosmos. However, the moral cosmologies of mythological and theological proposition, objectively dishonest, did provide subjective utility to human expressions.

The placebo offerance of a divine moral order allowed the simple cognitive animal to psychologically cope with the limitations, sufferances of mortality – pain, struggle, ignorance, fate. Common belief provided cultural integration, visionary unification.

In the Ancient World it provided imperious theocratic order, this deified despotism later opposed by theist visions humanitarian, altruistic, transcendentalist. But, ultimately, the basic lie writ in the mythological, theological religious thesis, it led mankind on an errant, increasingly disfigured, stunting, and cruel path of expression.

The Enlightenment revolt, revoking the political mandate of theocracy, the moral cosmology and vision of theology, institutionalized a modern secular culture ambivalently subscribing to its new defining moralogy, materialistic existentialism.
Secularism is the ideology you have when you are not having an ideology, a stop-gap compact only, preventing the resurgence of theocracy.

The mantra of materialistic existentialism? It provides no invigoration to human moral expression. This is ironic, given that the mythologist, theist were always willful fabricators of moral cosmology, whereas the proponent of materialism was, at least, trying to be honest.

Therein lays the distinction between objective and subjective truths. It is an objective truth that man lives. It is a subjective truth that he wants to live.
In seeking answers to our deepest wants it was inevitable that immature man would concoct an imaginary promissory figure, inevitable that this delusion would ultimately lead to cruelled expression. Now we wither in the desert of existentialist conception.

The journey of the volitional animal is a hard gig.

Modern academics cannot even define a proper domain, function for the Faculty of Philosophy, ‘theories of knowledge’ being the latest account. The average man in the street has a better idea of philosophical compass, defining it as his total outlook and vision on life, being.

As to moral intelligence, vitality, if Modern Man is to stake claim upon a sustainable, prosperous, noble expression, we must make recourse to nature. We subsist, entirely, within the imperious domain of nature. There is no empire of man that can flourish from a mind, detached. It is time for the petulant, egoistic moral intellectual to stop arguing, start heeding.

Our new, salving intellectual pedigree will heed natural selection’s divine arbitrations. We will pull our heads in, reconcile selfish, humanitarian, environmentalist, aspirational visions under a new intellectual paradigm, a new educational institution.

The School of the Fourth Age title defers to the four stages of human volitional maturation, Primitive, Ancient, Modern, Futurist.

In a few weeks’ time one will lay out the fundamental mapping for this futurist vision.