• Aussie satellite tech set to cover the seas

    Lachlan Gilbert     |      September 25, 2019

    UNSW Sydney engineers are developing new satellite technology that can be used to determine the state of the planet’s seas as well as a number of other useful applications.

  • Australia can land a Moon mission

    Andrew Dempster     |      August 4, 2019

    Australia should be involved in any new mission to the Moon. We have the interest and the expertise so let’s be part of the race.

  • Space 2069

    Daryl Holland     |      July 23, 2019

    Much has been achieved in space since the first manned moon landing half a century ago, but what new ‘giant leap’ will we all be talking about 50 years from now?

  • Australia in deep space

    David Flannery     |      July 21, 2019

    Australia has played up the role played by the Parkes radio telescope in the Apollo programme, but it’s time to look to the future. We have the skills to participate in multi-national deep space missions, all we lack is the courage to imagine what is possible, and the confidence in our ability to succeed.

  • Back to the moon and on to Mars?

    Malcolm Davis     |      July 19, 2019

    Saturday 20 July 2019 marks 50 years since the landing of Apollo 11 on the Sea of Tranquility. After decades of inaction, increasing superpower competition and commercial innovation may see a new generation escaping the Earth’s gravity well once again.

  • The music of the spheres

    Kenny McAlpine     |      July 16, 2019

    To mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, NASA and the European Space Agency have released a collection of sounds spanning the history of space travel and astronomy. 

  • Curtin to test ‘mini’ satellite in orbit with European Space Agency

    Open Forum     |      July 6, 2019

    Researchers from Curtin University’s Space Science and Technology Centre have built their own pocket-sized satellite, which they will launch on a re-supply rocket to the International Space Station where it will be released into orbit.

  • Microgravity research offers a niche for Australian rockets

    Gail Iles     |      July 2, 2019

    Thanks to the proximity of northern Australia to the equator and expertise in ground station operation, Australia has an opportunity to carve out a niche in launching sounding rockets to conduct microgravity research.

  • A new NASA contract highlight’s Northern Australia’s space potential

    Scott Wallis     |      June 25, 2019

    With the support of state and national governments, northern Australians are well placed to reap commercial advantage from upstream and downstream opportunities in the rapidly growing global space industry.

  • Will space tourists launch from Australia?

    Melissa de Zwart     |      June 14, 2019

    The Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews wants passengers to experience zero-gravity from the convenience of a domestic airport in Australia, but how close is that vision to reality?

  • Realising Australia’s potential as a rocket-launch hub

    Geoff Slocombe     |      May 14, 2019

    There’s a lot of scope for Australia and New Zealand to offer small-satellite launch services at very attractive prices to Asian countries as well as to our home markets.

  • Australia launches multi-billion smart satellite revolution

    Open Forum     |      April 16, 2019

    Australia has announced the biggest investment in space R&D in the country’s history, with the launch of a multi-billion smart satellite research hub led by the University of South Australia.