• What to make of ‘Oumuamua

    Steven Tingay     |      November 20, 2018

    We will never see ‘Oumuamua again, and we may never know exactly what it is, but its passing will have changed the world if it makes more children contemplate a career in science.

  • Where to next on the final frontier?

    Malcolm Davis     |      November 13, 2018

    A critical mass of participants, initiatives and developments are riding a wave of government enthusiasm and private-sector support for Australia’s space industry. It’s a good time to be involved in the sector, but what should its priorities be from here?

  • Australia should become a leader in strategic space diplomacy

    Annie Handmer     |      November 1, 2018

    Now that we have a dedicated space agency, we have an opportunity to influence international behaviour through strategic space diplomacy by overtly espousing a non-militaristic approach. The key question is whether the Australian Space Agency’s strategic focus should be on science or on commerce.

  • We can send people to Venus

    Ian Whittaker     |      October 20, 2018

    While the surface of Venus is utterly hostile, it should be possible to float in its clouds and study a planet which was once Earth’s twin and may hold clues for the future of climate change.

  • Australia probes space mystery

    Open Forum     |      October 12, 2018

    Australian researchers using a CSIRO radio telescope in Western Australia have nearly doubled the known number of ‘fast radio bursts’— powerful flashes of radio waves from deep space.

  • Sky hopping with Australia’s first space telescope

    Michele Trenti     |      October 7, 2018

    Australia has entered a new chapter in the exploration and understanding of space by creating a National Space Agency. Now innovative design is combining with new, low-cost nano-satellite technology to build Skyhopper, Australia’s first space telescope.

  • Getting it right: The most complex space telescope ever built

    Rachael Livermore     |      August 27, 2018

    The Hubble Space Telescope has revolutionised astronomy and produced images of space that have captured the public’s imagination like no other telescope. But as Hubble approaches its 30th birthday, its successor is waiting in the wings.

  • First Buccaneer satellite mission declared a success

    Open Forum     |      August 22, 2018

    A satellite jointly developed by UNSW Canberra Space and Defence Science and Technology (DST) has been operating on-orbit successfully for more than nine months, performing a range of experiments as part of a mission that is paving the way for small spacecraft development in Australia.

  • Australia’s space agency needs certainty

    Brett Biddington     |      August 4, 2018

    The Australian Space Agency, led by Dr Megan Clark AC, officially opened for business at the start of July. How will it help develop the fledgling domestic space industry?

  • How private companies are launching a new space age

    Monica Grady     |      July 18, 2018

    Private companies are increasingly challenging national space agencies in a new space race which comes with great opportunities but also carries significant risks.

  • 3, 2, 1…liftoff! The science of launching rockets from Australia

    Ingo Jahn     |      June 27, 2018

    Australia’s space agency will officially commence operations on July 1 2018. The creation of an Australian space port would be the next logical step to help develop Australia’s space industry.

  • Australia’s future in space

    Peter Jennings     |      June 16, 2018

    After decades of prevarication, the arrival of the Australian Space Agency is a very welcome development. Business is buzzing with the potential for expanding space-related work and Defence has never been better equipped with space-enabled platforms and technology.