• From Sydney to the stars

    Ching Wei Sooi     |      May 1, 2024

    According to a recent survey, the Australian public lacks awareness of global space activities and domestic space endeavours, so, what is Australia is up to in space?

  • Watch the skies in 2024

    Ali Bramson     |      December 30, 2023

    A range of exciting space missions are planned for 2024, exploring the sun, the moon and the wider solar system.

  • A new kind of spirit

    Open Forum     |      December 3, 2023

    The University of Melbourne and the Italian Space Agency have announced the successful launch of SpIRIT, a landmark nanosatellite mission supported by the Australian Space Agency.

  • Looking north into space

    Malcolm Davis     |      August 24, 2023

    A new report outlines Australia’s bright potential in the space industry, but it will take commitment from all stakeholders to turn aspirations into reality.

  • Keeping Australia safe in space

    Malcolm Davis     |      August 2, 2023

    Australia must be prepared to challenge traditional mindsets on the use of space and be willing to shift away from traditional approaches to the provision of space capabilities in a much more contested domain.

  • Man on the Moon

    Malcolm Davis     |      July 23, 2023

    When Neil Armstrong stepped onto on the moon 54 years ago, he and his fellow astronauts were taking humanity’s first giant leap towards becoming a spacefaring civilisation.

  • A blow for the Australian space sector

    Bec Shrimpton     |      July 1, 2023

    In a brutal blow to Australia’s space sector, future economy, industrial base and international reputation, the Australian government has axed the National Space Mission for Earth Observation (NSMEO), doubling down on the recent cancelling of both the Australian spaceports program and funding for space access, which aimed at getting Australian space tech into the global space economy.

  • Launching from Australia

    James Palmer     |      April 30, 2023

    A domestically owned, globally competitive strategic launch infrastructure that prioritises Australian interests is an essential first step in realising Australia’s ambitious space plans, strengthening our defence capability and developing a sophisticated, resilient economy.

  • The race into space

    Malcolm Davis     |      February 1, 2023

    An international panel discussion on the importance of the space domain for defence and national security late last year highlighted some of the problems and opportunities facing allied space industries.

  • Spinach in space

    Open Forum     |      December 5, 2022

    High school students from across Victoria are boldly growing where no students have grown before, sending plant experiments to the International Space Station to test the possibilities of growing food in microgravity.

  • Voyage to the stars

    Alice Gorman     |      August 22, 2022

    The two Voyager spacecraft left on their eternal journey through the solar system to the stars fifty years ago, but may still survive, in vestigial form, five billion years from now.

  • Developing Australia’s role in space for national security

    Danielle Ireland-Piper     |      July 22, 2022

    Australia needs to develop itself as a regional, as well as international, space player given the growing importance of space as a domain of contested international interests.