• Australia’s future in space

    Peter Jennings     |      June 16, 2018

    After decades of prevarication, the arrival of the Australian Space Agency is a very welcome development. Business is buzzing with the potential for expanding space-related work and Defence has never been better equipped with space-enabled platforms and technology.

  • A universe of opportunity

    Megan Clark     |      June 14, 2018

    Some may argue that Australia might be late to the party, but we are entering a time when the space sector is moving from the realm of government to the commercial world and Australia’s new agency will be one of the most industry-focused space bodies in the world.

  • Australia needs its own sovereign launch capability

    Scott Wallis     |      June 9, 2018

    Developing a sustainable, flexible and responsive sovereign launch capability in Australia could underpin the creation of a competitive space industry in this country.

  • The new space race in Asia

    Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan     |      May 26, 2018

    While Australia takes its first tentative steps into the space sector with the creation of a small Federal agency, the major space powers in Asia – Japan, China and India – are ramping up their programmes, with national security playing an ever greater role in their activities.

  • An astronaut’s view of Australia’s proposed space agency

    Jim Plouffe     |      May 24, 2018

    Former NASA astronaut Pamela Melroy has moved to Adelaide to work with the emerging Australian space industry and offers her thoughts on the government’s new agency.

  • Climbing out of the ‘gravity well’ towards a more prosperous future

    Stephen Sandford     |      May 8, 2018

    Nations which dare to climb the ‘gravity well’ and colonise the solar system will boost their economy, jump start their technology and secure leadership on this planet and beyond.

  • Don’t let the final frontier slip further away

    Kim Carr     |      May 5, 2018

    Australia depends on satellite data for everything from defence surveillance and weather forecasting to restocking supermarket shelves and synchronising mobile phone conversations. The creation of a new space agency should see a blossoming of Australian space services.

  • New Australian manual looks to regulate ‘Star Wars’

    Andrew Spence     |      April 12, 2018

    A definitive document to regulate military and security law in space is being drafted by experts from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • Re-focusing Australia’s military lens on space

    Darin Lovett     |      March 30, 2018

    A new strategy integrating the broader government, military, industry and academic elements of space power would enhance Australia’s contribution to safeguarding this critically important domain.

  • Shorten in space

    Open Forum     |      March 17, 2018

    Labor is promising an investment of up to AU$35 million in a new space agency if it wins the next election, but co-investment from industry and universities must help get the program off the ground.

  • Australia’s integrated space ecosystem

    Lloyd Damp     |      January 29, 2018

    Our fledgeling Australian space agency will be born into a mix of competing government, university and commercial interests says Lloyd Damp, CEO of Southern Launch. Continuing our history of ‘aiming high’ will ensure that the space agency delivers an enduring and integrated space ecosystem.

  • Prospecting – asteroid mining

    Arunkumar Rathinam     |      January 22, 2018

    It is time to invest in research that focusses on asteroid mining says Arunkumar Rathinam, PhD. Candidate at the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER).