• Are Australians breaking up with casual work?

    Kate Bettes     |      November 16, 2021

    More casual jobs are becoming available as hospitality and other sectors open back up, but will casual employees be willing to return to a working situation that treated them so poorly in the pandemic?

  • Facebook steps into the “metaverse”

    Kate Bettes     |      November 5, 2021

    Is Facebook’s recent rebranding as “meta” merely a rebranding to draw attention from its questionable business ethics?

  • The “new normal” of post-COVID workplaces

    Kate Bettes     |      October 20, 2021

    Many organisations will retain hybrid working to improve collaboration, communication, productivity and innovation as COVID restrictions ease.

  • Should business encourage vaccinations?

    Kate Bettes     |      September 20, 2021

    As Australia edges closer to the vaccination targets required to open the economy and international borders, big businesses have been stepping up but is it their role to do so?

  • Building trust when the message keeps changing

    Kate Bettes     |      July 29, 2021

    Restrictions on Sydney’s hardest hit areas continue to tighten amid signs the State government’s ever evolving messages – from no lockdown to harsh lockdown – are falling on deaf ears. How can our leaders get their message across when that message keeps changing?