• Gut instincts

    Lilly Matson     |      February 26, 2024

    A psychologist from UNSW Sydney explains what intuition is and how you can harness it to make better decisions.

  • The sky’s the limit

    Lilly Matson     |      December 16, 2023

    As the government prepares the Aviation White Paper, is it time to reconsider aviation flight laws that are no longer fit for purpose?

  • A new tool to tackle seafood fraud

    Lilly Matson     |      October 22, 2023

    A new handheld scanner uses nuclear methods and mathematical models to determine the origin and production of seafood.

  • India on the Moon

    Lilly Matson     |      September 18, 2023

    India’s Moon rover Chandrayaan-3 recently completed its 14-day mission at the the lunar south pole. Dr Laura McKemmish, an astrochemist from UNSW Sydney, explains the significance of the mission and what the future holds for lunar exploration.