• Learning defence lessons from Ukraine

    Peter Jennings     |      May 17, 2022

    The West refused to accept Ukraine into NATO, sell it arms to defend itself, or fight by its side against the Russian invasion, but now the Western powers, including Australia, are learning valuable lessons in winning a modern war against a major opponent.

  • Disturbing the peace

    Peter Jennings     |      May 7, 2022

    The increasing threat which Russian and China pose to their neighbours will only ramp up the threat to world peace in 2022.

  • Fixing Australia’s Pacific policy

    Peter Jennings     |      April 29, 2022

    Australia needs more of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s fighting spirit, rather than apologists for Chinese aggression or ‘smart brains’ set on managing Australia’s Pacific decline.

  • Ukraine’s struggle is our fight too

    Peter Jennings     |      April 23, 2022

    Supporting Ukraine is the best way to strengthen global deterrence against military adventurism from authoritarian regimes. The more Australia can do to strengthen Ukraine, the more confidence we can have that fellow democracies will help us in the future.

  • Australia must lead in the Pacific

    Peter Jennings     |      March 27, 2022

    Beijing’s seeks a string of Pacific military bases to prevent the United States moving forces across the sea and closer to the Chinese mainland. This is a modern version of Japan’s wartime strategy, and the Solomons is only the beginning.

  • Putin’s bloody gamble

    Peter Jennings     |      February 28, 2022

    While Russia’s dictator claims his invasion of Ukraine is to counter western militarisation, it is the West’s failure to arm and protect Ukraine which has enabled this reckless adventure.

  • Last chance saloon

    Peter Jennings     |      January 28, 2022

    Russian dictator Vladimir Putin remains intent on invading Ukraine, but offering him a way out without losing face, while underlining the high price of war could still avert conflict.

  • Strengthening ties with Europe

    Peter Jennings     |      December 18, 2021

    Putting more effort into our European ties would signal a new maturity in Australian foreign policy, breaking from the misguided 21st century obsession to narrow the focus to China.

  • An icy winter games

    Peter Jennings     |      December 8, 2021

    Should Australian officials and dignitaries travel with our athletes to Beijing in February for the Winter Olympics?

  • Fly the red ensign, not the white flag

    Peter Jennings     |      November 25, 2021

    While Hugh White preaches appeasement and surrender, Australia and its allies can stand up to Chinese bullying and aggression on the international stage.

  • The defence of Australia begins in Taiwan

    Peter Jennings     |      November 20, 2021

    China is building up its military at breakneck speed and preparing to strike at Taiwan. While its apologists will frame the invasion as inevitable, and in internal affair, Australia and the world’s democracies cannot stand helplessly aside.

  • Appeasement of China won’t save Taiwan

    Peter Jennings     |      October 18, 2021

    The democratic world has done little to oppose Communist China’s militarisation of the South China Sea, wholesale cyber-theft and brutal internal repression. Further appeasement of Xi’s designs on Taiwan would be disastrous, but deterring an attack can work.