• The disruptive games: The legacy of 1968 and the new Olympic order

    Jorge Knijnik     |      July 29, 2021

    The Olympics have often been a focus for political and social activism, and the current games in Tokyo are no exception.

  • Remembering the first post-pandemic Olympics

    Keith Rathbone     |      July 11, 2021

    Japan has battled through the pandemic to host the Olympic Games, albeit a year late and without spectators. However tough the conditions later this July, competitors at the first Olympics after the Spanish Flu – and Great War – had much more to put up with.

  • What now for Afghanistan?

    Amin Saikal     |      July 2, 2021

    As Australian and other allied troops finally leave Afghanistan after 20 years of conflict with the Taliban, what does the future hold for that war-torn and battered country?

  • Tokyo’s Olympic countdown

    ANU Editorial Board     |      June 29, 2021

    Postponed from last year, the Tokyo Olympic Games are set to kick off in less than a month, although the decision to proceed in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic remains steeped in controversy.

  • Supporting Taiwan

    Nicholas Chiu     |      June 25, 2021

    Communist China’s intention to absorb Taiwan is clear, but the position of the world’s only Chinese speaking democracy can strengthened through diplomatic, trade and information sharing means as well as military deterrence.

  • The magnificent G7

    David Vines     |      June 19, 2021

    The Cornwall G7 conference produced some impressive sounding pledges but the proof of the new spirit of international cooperation will be in the detail of their implementation.

  • The return of the G7

    ANU Editorial Board     |      June 15, 2021

    The G7 is back. A post-Brexit ‘Global Britain’ has ambitions for an international leadership role and has coordinated a call from the Group of Seven advanced economies for reform of global rules.

  • Putin’s “mini-me”

    Anastasiya Byesyedina     |      June 9, 2021

    Alexander Lukashenko consolidated his brutal authoritarian reputation following the hijacking, arrest and harsh treatment of journalist Roman Protasevich in an outrageous act which his big brother in Russia would have been proud of.  

  • Australia should support Taiwan’s bid to join the CPTPP

    Richard Herr     |      May 18, 2021

    Supporting the inclusion of Taiwan in the CPTPP will strengthen Australia’s broader regional objectives as well as strengthening an important economic relationship.

  • After Afghanistan

    Oved Lobel     |      May 15, 2021

    Against the advice of all of his senior military and intelligence officials, US President Joe Biden has opted to continue the irresponsible policy of his predecessor Donald Trump and fully withdraw American troops from Afghanistan by September, under a deal negotiated directly between the US and the Taliban.

  • Rethinking Australia’s approach to Africa

    Annalise Feller     |      May 13, 2021

    Africa is a powerful region for future strategic policy. Australia does not demonstrate the interest in African states it should.

  • An Australian head of the OECD

    David Uren     |      April 21, 2021

    The appointment of Australian Mathias Cormann as the new Secretary-General of the OECD has important implications for Australia and China.