• Ouroboros

    Matthew Sussex     |      August 25, 2023

    The only surprise about Prigozhin’s death is that Vladimir Putin took two months to murder him, but as the brutal Russian regime turns on itself, it’s only a matter of time before Putin himself suffers a similar fate.

  • Dealing with post-Putin Russia

    Mark Katz     |      August 24, 2023

    The death of Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin signals both Vladimir Putin’s ambition to crush any threat to his dictatorship, and the vulnerability of his hold on power, so how should the West deal with his successor, when the time arrives?

  • Davids v Goliaths

    Peter Rutland     |      August 20, 2023

    The West’s timid failure to back Ukraine encouraged Putin’s imperialist invasion, just as Taiwan’s lack of allies has emboldened Chinese moves against it, but the dismal failure of Russia’s assault may give pause for thought in Beijing.

  • Sing together

    Brigita Ozolins     |      July 25, 2023

    Baltic song festivals remain a vibrant celebration of joy, hope and national solidarity at a time of renewed Russian aggression.

  • Navigating icy waters

    Adam Kemp     |      July 17, 2023

    Antarctica will become a region of rising tensions and disputes in future years as major powers squabble over developing its resources. It is therefore important that Australia invests in Antarctic environmental security, both domestically and internationally, to protect itself and the frozen continent from exploitation.

  • Asia’s demographic challenge

    ANU Editorial Board     |      July 4, 2023

    The ageing and shrinking of populations in many parts of East Asia will be a defining part of their economic and social development this century, just as the trade-fuelled economic boom was in the latter half of the previous one.

  • Democracy in the dock

    Colin Chapman     |      July 2, 2023

    By curious coincidence, three prominent leaders have been put on trial in recent days for multiple serious crimes against their respective nations. The very different ways in which the trials were conducted, their impact on democracy, and the public reactions deserve examination.

  • Putin’s thugs begin to turn on him

    Anna Matveeva     |      June 5, 2023

    Vladimir Putin has used Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagner mercenary group to do its dirty work in Ukraine, but is increasingly nervous about the threat such groups pose to the ruling elite.

  • The rise and fall of mass mountaineering

    Michal Apollo     |      May 30, 2023

    Experienced mountaineers are responding to the challenges of overcrowding, pollution and socio-cultural impacts caused by tourist climbers by calling for more responsible and sustainable mountaineering practices.

  • China in Latin America

    Valeriia Popova     |      May 19, 2023

    The threat of growing Chinese influence is not just a problem in the Pacific, as there is increasing Chinese economic and political infiltration in South America.

  • South Korea stands up to China

    Dominic Simonelli     |      May 13, 2023

    South Korea’s stout response to economic coercion from China offers an example the rest of Asia, and the wider world, can follow.

  • We will not be assimilated

    ANU Editorial Board     |      May 9, 2023

    Fatalism is always intellectually fashionable. Plenty of intellectuals said the Cold War was unwinnable and Russia would crush Ukraine. Similarly, those who believe Asia – and Australia – will inevitably be dominated by China are similarly mistaken.