• The changing of the guard

    Daniel Steedman     |      August 27, 2020

    The institutional foundations put in place after World War Two are being choked and eroded by great power rivalries, leaving the world a more fractious and dangerous place.

  • Counterpoint by Mark Nicol – For the sake of Russia

    Mark Nicol     |      August 27, 2020

    Mark Nicol offers an imaginative vision of the past, present and perhaps future of mother Russia.

  • The martyrdom of Alexei Navalny

    William Partlett     |      August 23, 2020

    As protests in Belarus continue, the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny shows that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is equally afraid of losing his iron grip on power.

  • Populists in a pandemic

    ANU Editorial Board     |      August 12, 2020

    No amount of rhetorical smoke-and-mirrors can outweigh voters’ lived experiences of losing economic security or losing loved ones as a result of COVID-19 — as populist leaders the world over are now quickly learning.

  • Another bloody century

    Mohan Malik     |      August 5, 2020

    The triple crises of geopolitical power shifts, the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic disasters that flow from it will shape global politics, restructure global supply chains and bring an end to unregulated globalisation.

  • Using regional forums to advance the women, peace and security agenda

    Genevieve Feely     |      June 24, 2020

    As we move past the 20th anniversary of the UN’s women, peace and security agenda, Australia can pursue innovative, complementary paths for embedding its principles in the international peace and security realm through regional organisations.

  • Democracy has been a victim of COVID-19

    Tom Gerald Daly     |      June 11, 2020

    COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on democracy worldwide, but some democracies are more resilient than others.

  • Helping South East Asia recover from COVID-19

    Huong Le Thu     |      June 8, 2020

    How can the Australian government prioritise its response and make the most difference in helping the region recover from the economic and social ravages of the coronavirus pandemic?

  • The protests can show the power of democracy

    Michael Shoebridge     |      June 5, 2020

    At a time when authoritarian China is brutalising protesters in Hong Hong, the US must not create a mirror image of repression in how it handles the volatile situation in its cities.

  • The illusion of a ‘middle power moment’

    Andrew Carr     |      May 21, 2020

    Middle ranking powers such as Australia are finding themselves squeezed by increasing tension between the super powers, and may be forced to choose pragmatism over idealism as a result.

  • Agile nations lead the way

    Rashina Hoda     |      May 19, 2020

    What does it mean to be an “agile nation” in the face of one of the worst global crises the world has faced, and how has it made the difference in the effectiveness of their response?

  • Australia’s incrementalist hedging in a fractured world order

    Nick Bisley     |      May 11, 2020

    Australia faces challenging circumstances. Its economic wellbeing is increasingly tied to a country, China, that is becoming the enemy of its security guarantor, the United States. The corrosion of liberal institutions reduces Australia’s options and constrains its scope for influence.