• Russia’s slide into tyranny

    William Partlett     |      April 21, 2022

    After Soviet communist dictatorship collapsed, Russia’s brief flirtation with democracy descended into autocracy as an ever more powerful President centred absolute power in his own hands.

  • Social justice for all

    Erika Feller     |      February 22, 2022

    February 20 was the World Day of Social Justice. Though it was supposed to celebrate how far we have come in building societies that ensure equality and peace, there is still a long way to go to achieve them.

  • Looking to South-East Asia

    Melissa Conley Tyler     |      February 16, 2022

    Given the growing risks and opportunities in the region, it’s in Australia’s national interest to engage strongly with Southeast Asia or risk leaving a hole in its Indo-Pacific strategy.

  • New Zealand’s year of introspection

    Robert Ayson     |      February 11, 2022

    2021 was a testing year for Australia’s neighbour across the Tasman, with a COVID isolation policy offering no protection against range of domestic and international issues.

  • Silence isn’t golden

    Helen Jefferson Lenskyj     |      February 5, 2022

    China is desperate to prevent athletes at the Winter Olympics criticizing its appalling human rights record, and the International Olympic Committee has a long history of controlling athletes’ public statements, despite claiming that athletes are free to express their opinions in press conferences, in media interviews and on social media.

  • The less you know, the better you sleep

    Stephen Loosley     |      January 16, 2022

    While Putin and Xi bulldoze remembrance of the past in Russia and China to shore up their oppressive regimes, the west must also acknowledge its its history to face the future with greater resolve.

  • Planet vaccine

    Adrian Walsh     |      December 22, 2021

    In the developing world, in many instances, there are simply not enough vaccine shots available to vaccinate everyone. Wealthy nations have a moral obligation to developing countries to ensure they have access to vaccines.

  • Strengthening ties with Europe

    Peter Jennings     |      December 18, 2021

    Putting more effort into our European ties would signal a new maturity in Australian foreign policy, breaking from the misguided 21st century obsession to narrow the focus to China.

  • The power of Indigenous diplomacy

    Anastasia Kapetas     |      November 23, 2021

    Australia’s Indigenous nations have their own traditions of relationship-building and diplomacy which could help strengthen our ties with the Pacific.

  • Seeds of hope

    Open Forum     |      October 28, 2021

    An irrigation re-think in sub-Saharan Africa informed by Australian agricultural expertise is improving food security, reducing water waste, and lifting people out of poverty.

  • Confronting state fragility and democratic decline

    Anastasia Kapetas     |      October 19, 2021

    The return of strategic competition between states is an established geopolitical trend, but states themselves are getting more fragile, according to the 2021 Fund for Peace Fragile States Index.

  • Standing up to Putin

    Ilya Yablokov     |      October 11, 2021

    Independent newspaper publisher Dmitry Muratov has won the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his bravery in standing up to the brutal dictatorship of Vladimir Putin.