• AI in Asia

    ANU Editorial Board     |      December 5, 2023

    The scope for AI to reshape economies and drive growth is obvious, but effective, efficient and thoughtful regulation is desperately needed to ensure that the benefits are not monopolised or squandered.

  • Asia’s demographic challenge

    ANU Editorial Board     |      July 4, 2023

    The ageing and shrinking of populations in many parts of East Asia will be a defining part of their economic and social development this century, just as the trade-fuelled economic boom was in the latter half of the previous one.

  • Authoritarian Asia

    Salvador Santino     |      August 2, 2022

    Alongside the global decline of democratisation, the spread of authoritarianism and deterioration of human rights in Southeast Asia continues at an accelerated pace.

  • East Asia leads the digital trade revolution

    Homi Kharas     |      April 19, 2021

    East Asia’s trading system is undergoing a rapid shift to digital platforms, offering Australia a chance to jump on board.

  • Can 2021 still be Australia’s year of Southeast Asia?

    Melissa Conley Tyler     |      February 22, 2021

    With multiple initiatives set to launch, 2021 was supposed to be the year Australia pivoted to Southeast Asia. Recent events in Myanmar will make this more challenging, but the underlying reasons for investing in Southeast Asia remain.

  • Australia’s long history of Asian engagement

    Tim Harcourt     |      February 23, 2020

    The need to engage with Asia has been a major issue of 21st century Australian politics, but the roots of this debate go much deeper into Australia’s past and have been shaped by a succession of prime ministers from all parties.

  • The foreign policy impact of Australia’s growing Asian minority

    Derek McDougall     |      May 5, 2019

    Will Australia’s growing Asian minority mean the government’s foreign policy looks towards China rather than the USA?

  • Competition in Asia: too little of a good thing

    Adam Triggs     |      March 8, 2019

    Weak competition has a nasty habit of becoming entrenched over time as vested interests tighten their grip and economic clout hardens into political power. Getting on top of Asia’s current competition challenges will pay dividends for years to come.

  • The past, present and future of APEC at 30

    Andrew Elek     |      January 4, 2019

    The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum is approaching its 30th year of work to foster cooperation in trade, investment and development in the Asia Pacific.

  • Will Australia defend the ‘rules-based order’ in Asia?

    Nick Bisley     |      April 23, 2018

    The heated and polarised debate about the consequences of China’s increasing military assertiveness has raised doubts about the future of the ‘rules-based order’ in the region, as invoked by the Turnbull government in numerous speeches and policy statements.