• Closing time

    Katie Miller     |      July 14, 2024

    Australian firms are going out of business at a rapid rate in a difficult economic environment.

  • Digitization and new normal: 6 ways to put your business on the map

    Derek Lotts     |      April 22, 2022

    Two years of COVID lockdowns, online shopping and working from home, have only increased the need for small businesses to embrace technology to promote their goods and services.

  • Preparing for business recovery

    Dawn Lo     |      November 10, 2020

    Business leaders need to address questions on work processes, performance and virtual teams to improve productivity and engagement through the COVID-19 induced recession.

  • Dodging an insolvency tsunami

    Anil Hargovan     |      October 3, 2020

    New rules will allow insolvent small businesses to keep trading rather than go straight into administration.

  • Embracing business vulnerabilities

    Mariano Heyden     |      August 25, 2020

    With COVID-19 exposing the fragility of our companies, the best-placed will be those with CEOs who understand the shortcomings, and the measures for managing them.

  • Franchising: Fighting back against a few bad apples

    Sudha Mani     |      September 26, 2019

    Franchising is a crucial sector for the Australian economy, but the poor behaviour of a handful of firms is casting a blight on the whole sector.

  • Lessons from successful family businesses

    Graeme Lofts     |      July 19, 2019

    A new book, Family Business Success Stories, describes the journeys of eight Australian families who have led their businesses through more than 100 years and a total of 39 generations.

  • Closing the gap in the Indigenous business sector

    Michelle Evans     |      March 31, 2019

    The Indigenous business sector has seen huge growth in recent years, but there are large gaps the Federal Budget could fill.

  • Five ways to curb international corporate power

    Jeremy Lent     |      July 29, 2018

    Of the world’s 100 largest economies, 69 are transnational businesses. How can we control—and ultimately transform them into a positive force for social good?

  • Protecting the New Frontier

    Catherine Fritz-Kalish     |      November 30, 2017

    A new GAP taskforce report warns about the vulnerability of Australian businesses to cyber attacks and calls for more research, better education and higher standards to harden Australia against criminal intrusions. GAP managing director Catherine Fritz-Kalish introduces the recommendations.