• Hacking for ca$h

    Fergus Hanson     |      September 29, 2018

    It’s time we named China as a perpetrator of commercial cyber espionage and work in coalition with other states to escalate pressure until the Chinese leadership decides the costs are too high for it to keep orchestrating the theft of intellectual property.

  • China’s new era under Xi

    Rowan Callick     |      September 17, 2018

    Xi Jinping’s efforts to strengthen his personal hold on the Chinese communist party and the party’s ruthless control of the Chinese population have been matched only by his zeal to strengthen China’s influence abroad and dominate its neighbours.

  • Australia–China relations: who’s in the dark?

    Ron Huisken     |      September 13, 2018

    Australia is wrestling with its relationship with the Chinese regime, looking to reap economic rewards while remaining wary of China’s expansionist ambitions and opposed to its ruthless oppression of its population.

  • The implications of China’s “Belt and Road” initiative can’t be ignored

    James Bowen     |      September 2, 2018

    Now five years into its existence, China’s Belt and Road Initiative appears to be attracting both new supporters and opponents on a daily basis.

  • Huawei ban part of global move to set limits on Chinese influence

    Michael Shoebridge     |      August 30, 2018

    Banning two big telcos tells Beijing that its drive to gain strategic and economic advantage through the next wave of internet technologies can’t happen in a way that undercuts Australians’ national security.

  • Power plays in the Pacific

    Sarah O’Dowd     |      August 26, 2018

    As the most recent signatory to China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, Papua New Guinea is increasingly turning to Beijing for investment and aid funding instead of traditional partners like Australia.

  • China verses the world

    Shiro Armstrong     |      August 13, 2018

    Since coming to power in 2012, Xi Jinping has set his sights on increasing his own power in the country, and his country’s power in the world. Can this threat to the established order be turned into an opportunity?

  • China’s Uyghurs face an Orwellian future

    Connor Dilleen     |      July 19, 2018

    China’s mistreatment of its Uyghur minority in the Xinjiang autonomous region has garnered increased attention in recent months, due to Beijing’s policy of mass arbitrary detention of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in ‘political re-education centres’.

  • China looks under the sea to exploit the Pacific

    Denghua Zhang     |      July 2, 2018

    China has scoured the world for land-based mineral deposits to fuel its economic development since the 1990s and Beijing is now devoting growing attention to seabed mining in the Pacific.

  • Ethical limits fracture as Chinese espionage intensifies

    Greg Austin     |      June 21, 2018

    China’s espionage capability is now so extensive it’s hard to imagine its limits and Western companies and governments are becoming more willing participants.

  • Australia and the shifting regional order

    Rod Lyon     |      June 12, 2018

    How should Australia deal with the rise of China? Our objective should be to shape a regional balance of power more favourable to our interests, recruiting new supporters to the coalition of powers that favours a stable, prosperous and liberal Asia.

  • China tightens its grip on the South China Sea

    Sam Bateman     |      June 10, 2018

    China continues to develop denial-of-access capabilities, while the United States is focussing on offensively oriented concepts to assert access. But these strategies only add to the security dilemma for both Washington and Beijing.