• Sunlight is the best disinfectant

    Fergus Ryan     |      June 16, 2022

    Australia’s willingness to investigate wrong-doing in Afghanistan stands in sharp contrast to China’s secrecy about its own affairs and propaganda about others.

  • How China backed Russia’s lies on Ukraine

    Samantha Hoffman     |      May 29, 2022

    Beijing’s amplification of Kremlin propaganda over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shows how the Chinese Communist Party works to undermine Western democracy, subvert international order and erode respect for truth itself to promote its own political power.

  • Russia’s support is fed by grade Z propaganda

    Anton Oleinik     |      April 9, 2022

    Despite a handful of brave protestors, the Russian people overwhelmingly support Putin’s ‘Special Military Operation’ in Ukraine and swallow the ludicrous narratives and alternative facts peddled by compliant media.

  • Red herrings and White Tailed Deer

    Albert Zhang     |      February 9, 2022

    China’s dismal Winter Olympics may have backfired as a propaganda exercise, but the Chinese Communist Party is using every avenue to push its agenda on the world stage, including investment in western games and films to spike content and a well funded cultural propaganda campaign.

  • China’s propaganda war pays off

    Julia Bergin     |      May 13, 2021

    Chinese propaganda may be crude in terms of content, but the sheer weight of the Communist Party’s misinformation campaign is shifting the narrative in its favour around the world.

  • China and Russia aim to undermine free world COVID vaccines

    Ariel Bogle     |      January 23, 2021

    Propaganda campaigns by hostile nations aim to undermine vaccine uptake and trust in the public health agencies tasked to deal with ending the pandemic.

  • Reading the Chinese playbook

    Rowan Callick     |      December 12, 2020

    There is no shortage of Australian apologists for China’s bullying tactics against this country, but understanding the propaganda playbook helps guard against falling for its distortions and lies.

  • The power of provocation

    Ariel Bogle     |      December 10, 2020

    China’s use of social media as a weapon in its ongoing campaign to intimidate nations abroad while whipping up national fervour at home was exemplified by its latest blast of anti-Australian propaganda.