• Parades and Patriarchs in Putin’s Russia

    Lena Surzhko Harned     |      May 9, 2022

    Vladimir Putin is using a potent mix of patriotism, xenophobia, religious fervour and nostalgia for the power of the Soviet Union to maintain popular support for his failed invasion of Ukraine.

  • Russia attacks and the whole world suffers

    Olga Oleinikova     |      May 7, 2022

    Beyond the ruined cities, murdered civilians and raped women of Ukraine, the global consequences of Russia’s attack include food shortages and global price spikes as well as millions of refugees, underlining the case for global action to defeat the invasion.

  • Destroying Russia’s war machine

    Frank Ledwidge     |      May 6, 2022

    The West refused to support Ukraine in the past, and gave a green light to Russia’s invasion, but the success of Ukraine’s resistance means that Western aid is now pouring in and Russia’s once vaunted military machine is being humiliated.

  • Russia’s debacle gives China pause for thought

    Paul Dibb     |      May 6, 2022

    A swift Russian victory in Ukraine would surely have encouraged China to invade Taiwan, but determined local resistance, effective sanctions and the power of modern Western weapons will give Xi pause for thought.

  • Don’t let Russia turn Ukraine into Syria

    Nicolas Tenze     |      May 5, 2022

    Russia brutalised Syrian cities and civilians in its brutal campaign to prop up Assad’s appalling regime, and its repeating the same thuggish playbook in its desire to crush Ukraine.

  • 12 reasons to arm Ukraine

    Maria Berlinska     |      May 4, 2022

    The USA and Europe sat on its hands while Russia menaced Ukraine, with all too many people either excusing Putin’s actions or shying from the fight. Now that Ukraine has proved its ability and will to survive, the West has a moral and self-interested duty to help the Ukrainian military win its struggle against tyranny and aggression.

  • Home is where the heart is

    Karen Jacobsen     |      May 1, 2022

    Many of the millions of Ukrainian refugees who fled the Russian invasion in February and March are looking to return home. ‘Nobody wants to run from the war’ says one of Ukraine’s displaced millions contemplating the conflicting pulls of home, family and safety.

  • Russia’s gas weapon backfires

    Michael Webber     |      May 1, 2022

    Russia’s weaponization of its controversial natural gas supplies to the West is beginning to backfire by destroying demand for it.

  • This is what a hero looks like

    Toby Newstead     |      April 30, 2022

    In sharp contrast to the rapacious narcissist haunting the Kremlin, and the timid pygmies in the USA and EU who initially left Ukraine to burn, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has inspired his embattled country and the world with the simple virtues of courage, conviction and honesty.

  • Tracking wartime destruction from space

    Hannes Mueller     |      April 30, 2022

    A new automated analysis of satellite imagery can reveal the extent of building destruction in conflict zones, providing vital information for humanitarian aid.

  • Eyes in the sky on the Russian invasion

    Erik Gartzke     |      April 29, 2022

    Satellite imagery has uncovered evidence of Russian war crimes – including numerous mass graves of murdered civilians – as well as helping Ukraine’s defenders pinpoint and destroy Russian vehicles and bases.

  • Ukraine’s ambassador appeals for heavy weapons to defend freedom for us all

    Brendan Nicholson     |      April 28, 2022

    Ukraine’s Ambassador to Australia says the country needs large stocks of heavy weapons, tanks, artillery, long-range missiles and air-defence systems to defeat the Russian offensive.