A green home needs sustainable storage

| June 24, 2018

Every home needs a proper storage solution. This is true regardless of whether you want to green up your home more or not. However, those of you looking to make your home more eco-friendly should definitely start with sustainable storage options, as this is the most effective way to transition into a green home. So, what can you do to make this happen?

Declutter thoroughly

Again, this is true for every household, regardless of its green quality, if your goal is to improve your lifestyle and better your personal environment. Clutter can put plenty of mental pressure and cause stress unbeknownst to you consciously.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to get rid, sell or donate everything that simply takes up the space in your storage and that you haven’t actually used at all for more than 6 months. Apply this to absolutely every item that you own, from furniture pieces and tools to clothing.

Repurposing to the rescue

If it seems like too big of a waste to declutter something, and you’ve always wanted to try some DIY repurposing projects, now is the time to do exactly that. After all, you never know what you can use and make the most out of until you try.

For instance, old suitcases can be turned into coffee tables and great bathroom storage solutions. Empty food and coffee containers can be redecorated and used as containers for something else entirely.

In the same manner, cube trays and egg cartons can be used for storing smaller bits and pieces. In general, the best green option in this case is to forget about producing more waste but embrace the lifestyle of repurposing.

Utilize the vertical space in your home

In order to add more green storage options into your home, your best bet is to go vertical. Building more storage is not always easy, as it often involves the additional production of your home’s carbon footprint, which is exactly what you want to avoid if you strive for more sustainable options.

Instead, installing smart shelving for your home (garage, warehouse, office, etc.) can make a considerable difference. Not only will you get more room for storage but it won’t take up much of your floor space either.

Use sustainable building materials

In case you absolutely need to expand your home’s footprint when it comes to adequate storage solutions, do so in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. For starters, you have the possibility to use sustainable, green building materials for this purpose.

Materials such as recycled plastic and glass, reclaimed hardwood, cork and linoleum are all renewable materials. What’s more, those of you who need additional sheds/garages/storage rooms should also switch to sustainable lighting. In that respect, use LED and/or CFL lights in order to illuminate your storage, but the rest of your home as well.

Extra ways to go wasteless

Aside from repurposing what you can, there are some other tips and tricks to go wasteless and improve your home’s storage as well. For instance, constantly buying refillable containers will mean that you will dispose of fewer containers as well. Stop wasting paper for packing lunch and start using lunch boxes. Also, replace paper towels with a microfiber cloth.

Don’t hesitate to do everything in your power to minimize the clutter in your home. Of course, you need to change your habits and lifestyle first if you plan to live a green and sustainable life. In that respect, starting with your storage is the best way to do this.