National Resilience

| July 28, 2020

GAP Summit National Resilience Report

Devastating fires and the COVID pandemic highlighted the need for Australia to become more resilient in the face of growing economic, political and environmental threats.  GAP’s Annual Economic Summit in November 2020 discussed ways to improve national resilience in a unique online event.

A range of articles on Open Forum have also discussed a number of resilience related topics in recent months.


Fight for the Future

Save the world to save ourselves

Is COVID-19 the dress rehearsal for climate change?

Learning from disaster

A world in disorder


“One health” for the world

Reconstructing pharmaceutical chains after COVID-19

Resilient supply chains can inoculate against vaccine nationalism

Australia’s drug dependence: A multi-level response to supply-chain insecurity

Manufacturing and Infrastructure

Manufacturing an opportunity from COVID-19

Increasing the resilience of outer urban areas

Manufacturing a recovery

Government funding won’t stop manufacturing’s decline

Supply Chains

A new agenda for more resilient supply chains

Securing supply chains after COVID-19

COVID-19 makes waves for international shipping

“Economic distancing” would repeat historic errors

Democracies need alliances to secure vital supply chains

Making supply chains great again

Supply chain cooperation comes to the fore

How to reduce offshore supply chain risks and create onshore manufacturing opportunities

Global value chains in the post-COVID economy


Protected cropping and resilience of the food supply chain

The growing global food crisis

Our food system needs an overhaul

Managing food security


Fuel security shouldn’t save the fossil fuel industry

Improving Australia’s fuel security


Turning crisis into opportunity

The invisible enemies

The army must be ready to fight more than fires

Covid-19 shows Australia needs a national sovereignty strategy

Preparing for the next computer virus

Learning the lessons for a post-COVID-19 world

Education and Research

Building research capacity for a disaster-resilient Australia

Refreshing defence innovation


Embracing business vulnerabilities

Disaster Preparedness

Mobilising Victoria’s emergency workforce

Covid-19 shows the need to accelerate national policymaking

Personal resilience

Tough times teach us about resilience

Building psychological resilience during times of stress

Post-COVID Australia

Rebuilding Australia after COVID-19

Imagining a more sustainable Australia

Inspiring a brighter future

Welcome to post-pandemic Australia



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