Education and Lifelong Learning

| September 11, 2019

Global Access Partners’ 10th Annual Economic Summit, to be held on 19-20 September 2019 at NSW Parliament House, will focus on the challenges of retraining people as skills requirements change, and the impact of technology on the future workforce.

Over 100 influential attendees from business, academia and government will attend ‘Beyond Education: Lifelong Learning for Australia’s Future’ to discuss the best ways to prepare new generations of Australians for the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of the future.

Innovative technology will demand new skills from the workforce, which will in turn reshape education at every level from primary and high school to university, vocational education and career development.

Open Forum regularly features articles on education, training and learning.  This selection of posts from recent months discusses many of the issues which summit attendees will consider.  Articles by summit speakers and attendees will also feature around the time of the event.

We welcome new articles for publication.  Please contact the editor to promote the issues of importance to you. 

The Gap Summit

Welcome to the GAP summit

GAP’s 10th summit calls for lifelong education

Policy and Performance

Australia’s education system is stagnating at best, heading backwards at worst

Pitfalls in education policy

A chance to even the odds

Improving education in country schools could add $56B to GDP

Measuring student progress: A state-by-state report card 

Proving what really works in education

The view from the top

Gonski review calls for a fresh approach to improve Australia’s schools

Improving Outcomes

Good teaching relationships boost exam results

7 habits of successful high school students

Teaching for tomorrow

There’s still a place for ‘explicit instruction’ in schools

What does a great teacher look like?

Learning in the homelands

Being in nature is good for learning, here’s how to get kids off screens and outside

Hitting the right targets in the final year of school

Choosing the right school for your child

Teaching your child to cope

Physical activity at school helps the mind as well as the body

Subject Delivery

Why am I here Daddy?

Communication is the key to better language education

Three good reasons to stick with maths

Should more Aussie kids study Mandarin?

Rediscovering English grammar for a new generation

Australia needs better maths education

Why it is (almost) impossible to teach creativity

5 ways to seed STEM skills in young children

Phonics training in preschool fast tracks reading skills

How to help your child love playing music

Lab coats help students see themselves as future scientists

Educational Issues

When does getting help on an assignment turn into cheating?

Should mobile phones be banned in schools?

The fight to stamp out student cheating

Aussie parents are under pressure to buy their kids academic advantage too

The problem with staffing rural schools

Schools need smart windows more than air conditioning

Strengthening Relationships

Interaction therapy can help disruptive kids in school

Helping impatient students stay in school

Parents and teachers need to get along

Why we should consider paying children to learn

Beating bullying in schools

Let them play!

Is your child lonely at school?

The importance of feeling connected at school

Post-School Training

School-leavers need better career education to make good choices

The value of understanding school to work transitions

Narrow VET training sells students short

Education is more than a job ticket

The future of vocational training

Australian post-school education in the age of Trump


The challenge of the contemporary university

Three ways for universities to outwit disruption

5 tips for success in your first year at university

Why regional universities are at risk of going under

How can universities stop ‘contract cheating’?

University panel ponders the use of student data

Understanding university drop-out rates

Universities return $66 billion to the Australian public, new research claims

How Australia got so many law schools

Higher education reforms are all about savings and not possibilities

International Students and Influence

Australia should retain more international students

Sydney landlords are exploiting foreign students

International students could soon outnumber domestic students at Melbourne University

It’s time to confront China’s efforts to curb Australia’s academic freedom

Does China herald a grim future for technology in schools?

International students are good for Australia

International education is vital to Australia’s Indo-Pacific relationships

Confucius Institutes – Innocent strawberries or poisoned fruit?

Education in the spotlight on International Women’s Day



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